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God rest ye merry hippogriffs!

Okay, I was super tired so I went to bed right? Well I had to use the little banana's room so I did and when I come back I'm wide awake. So here I am like an idiot posting in my journal listening to music and rattie dominance battles.
What to do, what to do.
Earlier I ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut because the kosher pizza place isn't open yet (they close during Passover). This was the first time that I'm aware of eating from this place. I was no impressed, it was nasty xp
Oh well, it satisfied my hunger and now I know not to eat a PH pizza again.
My rats are out of quarantine and they are now in my room. Drabble (himi) likes his wheel; he jogs on it all slow and steady.
Probably going to do more driving today, I might get my license by mid-May at this rate. I'm deciding when to see Silent I go today during school hours to avoid the little demons or do I go next week? I really wanna see it so I dunno ><
Tags: driving, my rats, random

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