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Do any of you fine people know how to make those line breaks for lj? Like this?
Besides that, there's another type of line break but I can't find any post using it.
Also those little hearts?


No centipedes better come near my vagina! :P

Lastly, I want a Buckbeak icon. A custom one and I shall get one eventually. When my new lj name is decided I will have somebody make me a custom layout with a fancy shmancy banner. I hope somebody would be willing, I'll probably go to a fandom graphics community. My banner will have movie Harry, book Harry, Buckbeak, Fawkes, Fry, the Phantom (Michael Crawford's Phantom), possibly Darth Vader, and a few other Futurama characters (Zoidberg and Morbo). Oh, also possibly Draco and Snape but that isn't decided.

Tags: lj, lj graphics, omgwtfbbq

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