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Adam, grandma, and myself went to visit mom today. Since Adam can't drive due to his sight and we would rather walk then have grandma drive (if she had a license), I drove.
Mom is doing good; they're giving her a medication to help increase the healing weight; starts with a 'M'. They took her off of morphine (much to her dismay *chuckle*) and give her some Vicoden but it gives her heartburn so they then have to give her something for that!
They have her walking to promote the healing and we came in as she was eating her food; I swiped her cranberry juice. Don't look at me like that, she didn't want it and had her water =D
I dunno if I mentioned this but last night there was some sort of emergency and suddenly the pediatrics unit was getting kids; so they moved her this morning. She has a roommate named Sugie (*shrugs*) who's pretty nice.
We visited with mom and found out she'll be coming home either tomorrow or Saturday so that's good.
Then I took grandma home and Adam and I went back here. He walked home since I would have been alone in the car and that's illegal.
Ah well; that was my mumsy update.
Tags: cancer, family, mom

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