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My name is Sara and I'm a complete fangirl (no disrespect meant to AA or NA)

Okay, there are steps in the world of fanfiction.
First, there is the step where you read fanfiction, usually starting out with one type of genre. Then you branch out into different genres and ships.
The next step is writing fanfiction, or at least attempting to which is what I'm doing!
The third step is making a masters list of your favorite stories\authors.
The step after this, which yodallama kindly reminded me of is to save\print favorite stories to your hard drive. I did this XD
The final step is putting that masters list on your journal for all the fellow dorks wonderful people XD
I am about to take that last step in the world of FF; I am about to fiddle with my masters list to be sorted not only by ship (which it is) but genre too. My list of HP\DM stories for example is gigantic since that is my favorite slash pairing. I will have to sort them into angst, humur, etc. One-shots and multiple chapters are always separate.
I have a fandom filter but do any of the rest of you want to see the list when I post it? I should get the Awsome List Of Awsomeness up by next week.
Tags: fandom, fanfiction, ff masterlist

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