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surveys family dogs oh my!

I love those interview 'memes', they get to let you know more about me. So I'm opening it up again; comment here with five questions of any sort. Try to be original so I have to use my gray matter.
*bats eyes at you*
Today is my mom's surgery; gah. I have to go in at 8am with her. Well I don't have to but I will. Her surgery isn't until 10ish but they have to do the prep and everything. I'm taking my iPod, GBA, phone, and my HP:OotP book to pass the time. For anybody that wants to get ahold of me you can call or txt me
I'll be home alone until at least Friday, probably a day or two later then that though. I don't mind but my brother and grandmother don't think I should be home alone! I was in Pennsylvania alone! Granted I hung out with friends but I was in the hotel at night alone. O.o
Ah well, paranoid family. My mom think she can let Heidi sleep with her when she gets home and I keep telling her 'no!'
For one thing Heidi sheds; alot. I don't want Heidi!Hairs attaching to mom's incision! For another thing, Heidi is ginormous and likes to lean on mom; not good. I told mom that maybe two weeks after surgery she can sleep in the bed but not before! My bed is open to Heidi but that will be very inconvenient for me; ah well. Heidi's neurotic.
Oh, I'm also taking my silly putty with me. I have to use my hands, that's a major reason why I update so much; my hands are always busy. My hands are especially twitchy when I'm nervous, anxious, angry, etc. So I usually play with my purse clasps but that would be annoying (they clickity clack). So the silly putty will help that way. Playing with a lumpy flesh colored thing in a hospital will be interesting ;)

Lastly; thank you Lee for you well wishes to me mum. I'll tell her in the morning. It's eeire that you emailed when I was thinking about the surgery o.o
Tags: cancer, family, heidi, interview me!, mom, surveys
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