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I want to change my damn username! I hate my current lj name, it's so blah. I'll probably rename my breeding account to 'scaredykatratz'
Okay, here's a list of names not taken for my reference. Anybody got any suggestions?

_buckbeak (I hate the underscore unless it seperates two words but I guess I can't be picky)
hippogriff_wing (I would love hippogriff_wings but that's one letter over the limit)
_witherwings_ (again, ick to underscores)
Oh well, got any suggestions? _witherwings, witherwings_, buck-beak, buckbeak, witherwings, and hippogriff are all taken.
I named the rats. The himi boy is Drabble, the black hoodie boy is Snarry, the black berkie is Millicent (Millie) and the PEW is Fleur. Photos of them soon, I took photos of them the day I got them but I'll take more after quarantine.
Tags: lj, my rats
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