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box_of_sorrows went to Alnwick Castle a week or so ago and picked me off a few things. He said that I can say to people that 'they were actually bought at Hogwarts itself'
Thank you so much Lee, I adore this stuff. No, I didn't have any of it =)

This is a deck of cards. Specifically; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie cards. I opened them up and they are awsome. I won't use them because I don't want them to get bent, but I did look through them.

This is the back of the playing cards box.

This is a magnet of the Hogwarts Express (in some tour packages you can ride it!). I probably won't take this out of the package ;)

This is a little guide for visitors to the castle.

This is one side of the guide

This is the other side that has a map of the castle. The photo on the lower right is of ickle Ron and Harry from the first movie. See the huge courtyard right near the large building (middle of the map)? That's where the flying lessons were filmed amongst other scenes.

Lee didn't get this for me, but I'd thought I throw this in. The other day I ordered a neat poster and it came in the mail today. I took photos of it before taking it to get it framed. The poster is an unusual dimension so the framing cost a little extra. I also got special UV glass so it doesn't fade from the sun. Plain ol posters wouldn't get that special treatment but this is a more rare poster (meaning, I've never seen it before lol!). My Futurama poster is also behind that glass because it's from the series premier.

It was hard to take a photo of it. It's a painting, not a photograph.

I adore Buckeak! I can't believe I found a poster of the movie Buckbeak! It's so gorgous!
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