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This dog doesn't seem to give a damn *lol*

IN YOUR MYSPACE: [I have one but never use it, I'll use my LJ instead]
1) Is your display name from a song?: Nope
2) Do you have over 100 friends?: No
3) Do you have pictures of yourself?: Yah
4) Do you get 1-3 comments every day?: I used to
5) Do you have a song?: Do I have a song? Is that a myspace thing?

1) Sneak into a rated R movie?: I think I've done it once...and I was alone
2) Sleep in the same bed?: I did sleep in the same bed with my best friend at the time
3) Rob a bank?: And wear a Richard Nixon mask? Err, anyway; no
4) Team up together and kill someone? *snort* Only in my dreams ;)

1) So you have a wood floor or carpet?: I have ugly arse tiles from the original design (the 30s)
2) Are your walls painted bright colors?: Nope, light light blue
3) Do you have artwork hanging up on the walls?: I consider photography to be art so yes
4) Do you have clothes on the floor?: Yup, a nasty looking sock
5) Do you have stuffed animals?: yes but I can't find my Stitch!
6) Do you have a hidden stash of candy somewhere?: I had a stash of Kit Kats but I put them away because it's Passover
7) Do you and your friends spend most of the time there?: We didn't, but we probably will now that my room is okay
8) Do you have your own TV?: Nope, but I do watch dvds on my computer
9) Do you have over 100 CDs?: probably, but I don't buy cds anymore
10) Do you have a bunch of pictures of bands and celebrities?: Haha I used to collect photos of certain people; I still have that album. I do have photos of Dan Radcliffe on my corkboard though ;P

1) Would you ever sing a solo?: Not in public
2) Take an hour-long shower?: Yes, almost all the time unless I'm in a rush
3) Smoke pot just to be cool?: Nope
4) Make a mean myspace for someone you hate?: No, but sadly I was a member of a community on LJ for this. The community is gone and I wouldn't rejoin even if it were still around. It's petty and I was kinda childish
5) Spend all night on homework?: rI have

1) More than one person?: I have but now I like a few people but only one person qualifies as a 'crush'
3) Daisies?: I do like daisies but they aren't my favorite flower
4) To paint your fingernails?: I rarely ever do because they look crappy due to my pathetic fingernails
5) Music?: Dur, music is a passion
6) Black raspberry ice cream?: I love it!
8) The beach?: Rocky beaches with pounding surfs :D
9) Cats? Kittens?: YES!!!
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