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Dear Tonks,
You are an awsome rat but please try to refrain from pooping on my Stitch doll. He's very cuddly and I love him to bits and finding smeared rat poo on his leg is not a joyful surprise.

Your Mum

Dear Spencer,
Please refrain from 'sharing' my milk. I love my milk and milk is not good for you so please don't stick your nose in it. Also, if you must forget to leave my milk alone, please refrain from cleaning your butt right before indulging yourself.

No Milk For Me,

Dear Heidi,
You are a strange dog.

Weirded Out,

Dear Blaise,
Please refrain from shrieking in the middle of the night

Love From Your Tired Mummy,

Dear Zoe,
Stop running from me! You know you love me, stop being a stereotypical female cat and come to me! I miss your cuddles.

Your frustrated Mum,

Tags: letters to the pets
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