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Choose twelve characters from your fandoms, then answer the questions under the link. Do not look at the questions beforehand.

1. Phillip J. Fry (you thought I'd put Harry for 1 huh?)
2. Draco Malfoy
3. Harry James Potter
4. Professor Hubert Farnsworth
5. Neville Longbottom
6. Luke Skywalker
7. Simba
8. Darth Vadar
9. Dr. Zoidberg
10. Minerva McGonagall
11. Mr. Horse
12. Jack Sparrow

I have more fandoms but...yeah, lol

01. Who would make a better college professor, 6 or 11? What subjects would they teach?
I think Mr. Horse would make a good professor! Mr. Horse seems like he would teach history or maybe even english.

02. Do you think 4 is hot? How hot?
No, not really. The guy's 160!

03. 12 sends 8 on a mission. What is it, and does it succeed?
Jack sent Darth Vadar on a mission to get more rum. Sadly, Darth Vadar didn't care and ignored the mission.

04. What is or would be 9's favorite book?
Hmm...does it have to be a real book? I think Dr. Zoidberg would enjoy a book on how to get people to like you more. Can't think of any titles for that!

05. Would it make more sense for 2 to swear fealty to 6, or the other way around?
I think Draco would swear fealty to Luke actually though he might not want to. Luke doesn't seem the type to swear loyalty to a spoiled pureblood.

06. For some reason, 5 is looking for a roommate. Should s/he share a studio apartment with 9 or with 10?
I think Nevill and Dr. Zoidberg would get along wonderfully! They both have self esteem issues and let's face it, though some people like these characters (Harry likes Neville and Fry likes Zoidberg), they don't have many friends. =\

07. 2, 7 and 12 have dinner together. Where do they go, and what do they discuss?
Huh, well Draco would want to talk about pureblood superiority while Jack and Simba would want to discuss their leadership roles; Jack as a captain and Simba as a king. Draco would probably try to make himself seem more important to the other two and they would probably get sick of him real quick. What would they do? Get drunk to tolerate Draco!

08. 3 challenges 10 to a duel. What happens?
Okay, I highly doubt Harry would challenge Professor McGonagall to a duel! She's one of his favorite teachers! So what happens? McGonagall arches her eyebrow and purses her lips at Harry who blushes sheepishly and wonders why he challenged her to a duel when he likes her. They sit down for tea and treacle tart and discuss horcruxes and Professor Dumbledore.

09. If 1 stole 8's most precious possession, how would he get it back?
Fry stole his Light Saber? Oh that's not hard. He would choke him with the Force and take his Light Saber back from Fry's cold dead body.

10. Suggest a title for a story in which 7 and 12 both attain what they most desire.
"Of Fathers and Rum" Elisabeth gives Jack some rum because she destroyed his stash while Simba gets his father back.

11. What kind of plot device would you use if you wanted 4 and 1 to work together?
Well those two are from the same fandom and they do work together! Dr. Farnsworth Angry Dome was vandalized so Fry offers to help clean it up. Hilarity insues.

12. If 7 visited you for the weekend, how would you get along?
I'd scritch him between his ears and ride him up and down the neighborhood. Then we'd sing Hakuna Matata together!

13. If you could command 3 to perform any one task or service for you, what would it be?
Bwahahahaha *cackles evilly* First of all, Harry would be wearing leather pants during his task. The 'service' would take place in my bedroom and I can't go into more details from that. Let's just say that handcuffs, chocolate body cause, and whip cream would be involved.

14. Does anyone on your friends list write or draw 11?
Well I draw Mr. Horse sometimes but I dunno if anybody else does.

15. If 2 had to choose sides between 4 and 5, which would it be?
Draco choose sides with Neville!? You've got to be kidding! Professor Farnsworth has a few doomsday devices so I think Draco would definatly side with him!

16. What might 10 shout while charging into battle?
"Remember Albus!" Lame I know ^_~

17. If you chose a song to represent 8, which song would you choose?
Hrm, the Imperial March? LOL!

18. 1, 6, and 12 are having dim sum at a Chinese restaurant. There is only one scallion pancake left, and they all reach for it at the same time. Who gets to eat it?
Well Fry, in my opinion, is very thoughtful so he would offer it to the other two. Being greedy leads to jelousy which leads to the Dark Side so Luke would decline. So Jack would eat it.

19. What might be a good pick-up line for 2 to use on 10?
Bahahaha, I can't picture Draco hitting on McGonagall...ok..."Hey Miss Kitty, want me to rub your belly?" Ok that's sick LOL!

20. What would 5 most likely be arrested for?
Murder by Avada Kedavra. He would kill Bellatrix Lestrange if he had the chance but the ministry sucks and they would throw him in Azkaban. Damn Ministry!

21. What is 6's secret?
He has the hots for his sister ;P

22. If 11 and 9 were racing to a destination, who would get there first?
Mr. Horse would win. Dr. Zoidberg would stop to slurp up anything 'edible' in his path.

23. ~magic disappearing question!~ o_O

24. 1 (Fry) and 9 (Zoidberg) reluctantly team up to save the world from the threat posed by 4's (P. Farsworth) sinister secret organization. 11 (Mr. Horse) volunteers to help them, but it is later discovered that 11 (Mr. Horse) is actually a spy for 4 (P. Farnsworth. Meanwhile, 4 (P. Farnsworth) has kidnapped 12 (Jack) in an attempt to force their surrender. Following the wise advice of 5 (Neville), they seek out 3 (Harry), who gives them what they need to complete their quest. What title would you give this fic? Name three people on your friends list who might read it. Name one person who should write it.
The Really Stupid Story Of Horror
Erm, I think Kat, Jessi (FL), and Monsie would write it. Who should write it? Anybody who knows those fandoms! I can write it!

25. If you had to walk home through a bad neighbourhood late at night, would you feel safer in the company of 7 or 8?
Huh, that's hard. Simba is brave and has sharp teeth and claws. Darth Vadar has The Force or his Light Saber...hmmm....probably Simba, I don't know if I'd trust Darth Vadar enough to walk with ;)
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