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It's the most wonderful time of the year...NOT!
I'm helping mom clean for Passover, we aren't going to go as nuts this year because of mom's surgery. It'll be up to me for a few weeks after the surgery so we are going to make it easy on me. We aren't taking the dishes\pots\pans\etc to the garage; in fact we're just leaving them in their drawers and we'll tie a string on them. We'll keep the silverwear for Passover in their boxes so that's no biggie. We will have two cabinets for Passover and shove all the other stuff in the rest of the cabinets. Really the only thing we have to do is take the appliances off the counters, wash the counters, clean out the fridge (the freezer is ready), wash the fridge, and sterilize the dishwasher. No big deal at all. I'm going to do as much as I can today so I will have more free time with imonsie tomorrow (she's coming over).
Oh well, back to cleaning!
Tags: holidays, judaism, passover
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