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I love the rain, but not when I'm driving ;P

Today's lesson was good and bad at the same time. It was raining today, a drizzle at first but got steadily worse. I didn't cancel my appointment because I wanted my first time driving in the rain to be with my instructor. Okay, firstly we went down Pico then I went onto Venice. Eventually we headed towards Westwood because I go there alot and would like to get driving Westwood behind my belt. I wanted to turn east onto Wilshire but I missed the lane so I had to turn east at UCLA. Basically we went into UCLA and we couldn't find our way out! I drove around aimlessly (got some slow curvy turns at least!) and finally asked this super hot guy how to escape the campus's clutches. Then we finally escaped and went towards Olympic. Let me say that I may never enjoy Olympic. I hate driving it! There's many lanes, and I'm squished between cars and we go fast! It's a very fast moving street! Give me Pico anytime over Olympic! So then we turned on LaCienaga and went over that freeway thingie; that thing moves at 55! I hated it! I was going 55 on that in pouring rain and it was against the rain so it was worse! I hated it, haaated it! Then we made our way back and turned onto Pico and headed home. My lessons are two hours, so all that was in two hours. I need to get a car with good leg room. I love Nissans but this little car had NO leg room for somebody with legs like mine. Oh well.

That is the news on my driving. Next lesson  is...the freeway. Please send sane vibes to me because being on the freeway might rattle my brains ;p

Tags: driving, driving lessons, los angeles, weather
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