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Yesterday my brother, his wife, and myself threw mom and surprise birthday party. Since I don't have a car I couldn't do some of the preparations but I did get the cake!
Anyway, the party was at my grandma's house because she has an awsome backyard. Our backyard is also awsome, what with the pond and all, but my brother didn't want his wife to be skittish because of Heidi. So mom and I go to the house and mom is surprised. My aunts and uncles are there as well as family friends. It was fun! My brother got a pinata though which was fairly amusing ;p
We put on my iPod and put it to the oldies playlist. At one point I put on Riverdance and Adam said to put on some 'regular music'. Wtf? Whatever, I put on The Mamas & The Papas so appease him. Didn't want to get into a fight there. So I was there from 1 to 8! I was exhausted! Then mom and I went to Ralphs were we did a little Passover shopping and then we went home. I went online to check my mail and then went to my bed to lounge. Fell asleep at 11 and woke up at 12ish. It was hard to get back to sleep because of what I put behind the cut. I fell back asleep around 4:30ish.
This photo was taken the night before the party.

I came home from the party with this!
Tags: birthdays, brother, family, me, mom, my photos
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