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Morbo is pleased, but sticky!

I wanted to do a post last night but I just *had* to get to sleep. Now I shall post, won't be long mind you.
Friday I start driving lessons again. Mom and I were supposed to drive around the neighborhood this week but it's been raining. I'm not afraid to drive in the rain mind you, I just don't think it would be wise if I drove for the first time in nearly a year while it was dark and raining. Not real smart in my opinion. So, Friday is my first lesson. I get three lessons plus one free one because I never used my last lesson from last year. Well, it isn't *free*, but mom paid for it already. I'm a little nervous but I rather start driving again with somebody who has no ties to me and won't hold on for dear life or scream "turn right now!"
That really unnerves me so I'm glad to have an instructor again. Mom and Adam are saying I need to get my lisence (sp?) before mom goes in for surgery. I don't know if that will happen since her surgery is the 19th of April. I'll try though, can't promise anymore then that. They cannot rush me on this, if I'm stressed at all I won't be able to focus on driving. I have a mild phobia of it ya know. Not *me* driving but of other people. When I did drive I was okay, it's the other people that scare me. Don't get me started on freeways! For the first few months of driving, I'll be taking Sepulveda to Reseda, and not the 405 freeway. It'll be a bitch to get to Pasadena, I'll have to suck it up and take the Pasadena freeway. If I take surface streets there it will take an extra hour!
This isn't the normal near driver jitters. I'm like this when other people are driving. Mom likes to drive fast and will go nearly 80 on the freeways if she can, freaks me the hell out. I also don't like it when she takes Coldwater Canyon above the speed limit. She really wants to give me a heartattack it seems like. When somebody cuts us off, I start to hypervenilate. I'm really strange with cars, if I could I'd take the bus everywhere but that's not an option anymore.

I really really need to figure out a new LJ username. I want it to coincide with my two major fandoms; Harry Potter and Futurama. I can't think of any combinations though; fans of the series; thoughts?
Speaking of Futurama; I lent my dvds to imonsie and I got her into it! I converted another person to Futurama; bwahahahahaha!
Tags: driving, fandom, mental problems
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