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I really want a stuffed hippogriff; I love hippogriffs ;p
This thing is available but it's kinda....lame. I want a nicer hippogriff. Anybody know where I can get one?
Cleaned a bit more in my room. It's almost ready for remodeling, new furniture. Well, it's old furniture but better then the crap I have now.
Hopefully I will get to go to Reseda tomorrow and hang out with my friend.
Went out to dinner tonight with mom, grandma, and Adam. He was being okay but still a bossy arse. I have to keep my hands busy, it's this thing with me. So usually I shred the napkin but he said "stop it would you?! It's immature!"
So then I play with the strap on my purse and I'm again told to stop. In the car home I don't want to put up with him so I play my iPod and he says 'that's immature'
Whatever, I'm getting numb to his insults. It's kinda bad that I would go numb to what he says.
Tags: family, fandom, my room
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