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My room is clean o.o

It's World War III!!!!

My brother came by this morning and yelled at me for sleeping. I didn't get to sleep until 4:30ish so it was 8:30am when he came in. If I get a good amount of sleep I get up at 8 but if I don't get sleep, I get up at 9ish. So he starts bitching about how I obviously don't care about mom because I didn't get up at 8 to clean my room. He starts yelling at me. At this point I want to get up and change because I'm wearing really short jammie shorts (think hotpants). I didn't want him to see me so I tell him to get out for a minute. He barges in a minute later and I slam the door on reflex, getting his finger in the process. I didn't aim for his finger but I'm not too sorry. Well it's okay now, just bruised a teeny bit.
He then starts calling me a failure so I need to just LEAVE the house. Usually I would go to the nearby Barnes & Noble but the tore it down (grumble) and I didn't feel like going to 3rd St. or The Grove. So I go into Westwood and go to Borders. I read for about 3 hours then head home. My brother cleaned my room in the process, bagging everything. All the bags are in the rat room (better being exposed to the elements). I'm pissed he cleaned but he did respect my request that I made to him last night when he 'helped' me clean. I have a box of things I do NOT want family to see. Hell I don't want anybody to see these things but I'm not ashamed of them, it's just something you don't want your brother to see. He didn't go into that box thank goodness.
So my room is clean except for under my bed and in the closet, so the Monster still has a place to live. Unfortunately for said monster, I will be cleaning under my bed and in my closet within the next few days. Maybe he can go live in the rat room.
I gave Spencer a bath tonight. I've been meaning to do it but keep putting it off. He was fine for the most part but when I noticed while drying him that he wasn't 100% rinsed and put him back in the bath, well he rebuked. I have a nice gash in my upper arm from his claws, which I did clip!
I made Shabbat dinner tonight, breaded baked chicken, asparagus, and brown rice. It was good!
I'm on civil terms with my brother right now so hopefully he won't bitch tomorrow when he continues to help me clean my room. I really don't want his help but I won't fight it anymore, at least we're both in good moods so tomorrow should be fine.
My friend's rat, Albus, didn't do anything. It was a soap opera with love triangles and everything. So, I'm going to take Blaise and Tonks over to Ratz Realm to breed to her guys. I'm going to breed Tonks, who is a siamese hairless rat, to her burmese boy Duke. I should get standard eared siamese, black eyed siamese, and burmese. I'm going to look at her boys to find a mate for Blaise, who is a highwhite velveteen carrying russian colors. I'm most likely going to breed her to Tank, a beautiful black velveteen self dumbo. He's pitch black and just so stunning. I'll mostly get black and agouti but I might get few russians. I want to breed her to another velveteen so I can get the poodle coats that I adore so very very much.
I'm also going to bring home two babies and researve one more. I'm getting three males total and those will be my boys. Most of the males I did have either became aggressive or couldn't\wouldn't breed so I rehomed them to people wanting ratties. I did the normal screening process. The rats seem very happy with their new homes (I got emails). I'm getting a russian white dumbo, a burmese standard (later), and a siamese topear. All these rats carry the genetic makeup I want\need so I can keep the numbers very  very low. This way I'll have two cages; boys and girls and a small cage whenever I have a litter. Speaking of litters, I will be breeding MUCH less. I've been trying to breed these girls but after those litters are weaned I most likely won't breed for another 5-6 months at least.
Lastly, I went to Coffee Bean from Borders and while waiting at the bus stop I look up and see a swarm of bees! I've never seen so many bees in one spot. I look up through my camera (which take with me) to see a closeup view of it and there's a feakin' hive there! Needless to say I got up and went to the furthest bus bench :P

I guess that's it.
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