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I just talked to mom. The doctors aren't worried because it's one of the slowest moving cancers. They will take out her reproductive organs and she'll have to stay in the hospital for 5-6 days and stay at home for 5-6 weeks with no lifting or bending. I will have to bring her work home to her which I will gladly do. I'll also get my arse into gear and get those drivers lessons and then go for the stupid lisence (sp!)
I'm relieved, still a little worried, but relieved.
She told me about the cancer over the phone after I prodded her. She said "I'll tell you when I get home" in a tone of voice so I forced her to tell me. I wish I didn't, I was so stressed. But now she's home and she talked to me.

On a nicer note; my homegirl's getting married! Woop woop woop!
I'm a little hyper from the released tension.
Tags: cancer, family, friends, mom
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