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I have nothing of value to say

There are no words">
It seems that something else happened. My mom told me that the dog (little dog) was shrieking because Heidi just put her mouth around the dog, covering it with dog spit. My aunt did bring the dog straight in and for that I still think she's stupid, but Heidi is such a good girl she accepted it. Becky was being a drama queen. So my aunt 'likes the dog'.
What my aunt says can make or break the rest of the family's opinion on Heidi. If Heidi is a labeled a 'good dog' then everybody likes her. If Heidi is labeled 'agressive' then everybody avoids her. This includes people that have met Heidi and formed their own opinions of her, my aunt will change their opinion. *sigh*

>How much tv do you watch in a day? For the past six months I've watched NO tv. When I do watch tv, I watch about two hours and it's usually the news, the National Geographic Channel, BBC-America, or The Weather Channel.
>Do you work your schedule around your favorite show? I used to back when TV mattered to me. Now I'll just tape.
>Are you obsessed with a show? Yeah but it's not an unhealthy obsession. That show is Futurama by the way.
>What is your favorite show? Depends. My favorite animated show is Futurama while my favorite live show is Three's Company. I also love The X Files and Boston Public (stupid FOX cancelled that show!)
>Which show have you watched the longest?The X Files, Quantum Leap, The Simpsons, and Three's Company
>What have you watched today? nothing
>Did you ever watch tv all day long? Yeah, I wasted my life back then
>All night long? Yep, not at the same time of course
>Do you like to watch tv? Not anymore actually. Alot of today's shows suck
>Is tv annoying to you? yep
>Do you have a flat screen or what? Nope, it is wide though
>Do you watch soaps? hahahah never have never will!
>Do you watch reality shows? ICK! I do watch the news though;)
>What reality show would you want to be on? nope
>What's the show you've watched for a really long time? um, this was asked already

Movie Theater
>What's the last movie you've seen? Ummm, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I usually wait until something is out on DVD unless I'm dying to see it. Before HP it was Star Wars
>What movie theater do you go to most of the time? I actually go to a number of them evenly. I go to AMC Century 14 alot but it's gone now so I'll replace that with AMC Century 15. I also go to Pacific Theaters in Culver City and when I want to see something on IMAX I go to The Bridge
>Have you ever been to a movie theater out of country? Yea, I saw Free Willy in Victoria, BC Canada!
>Did you ever buy popcorn? I don't buy popcorn anymore but I used to
>Have you ever watched a movie that was 4 hours long? Yea, I think Schindler's List was that long
>Do you go to the movies when you are bored? not really
>Would you rather wait and then rent videos later? I usually do that unless it's something I'm really looking forward to.

>Have you ever been to a concert? Yup
>What concert? a number of them
>Have you ever been in a mosh pit? No, and I don't think I ever will. I can't stand being in such a large crowd when said crowd is rowdy
>Do you like standing or sitting? standing. For some reason sitting makes it less fun O.o
>Have you ever been in the front row? yup
>Back row? no
>What's the most expensive concert you've been to? Well not counting the Hollywood Bowl I would say the U2 concert; $80ish a ticket

>Do you play CD-ROMS on your computer? rarely
>Do you go on the internet a lot? Way too much!
>Is the computer a past time? More of an obsession
>What's your favorite game? Hmmm.....I loved Duke Nukem and Diablo. I also loved Ski Free, Chip's Challege, and another shareware game called Exile. I don't really think today's games are classics. Enjoyable yes, classics no.
>What's your favorite website? at the moment it's,, and
>Do you go on the computer just to be on AIM? No
>How many computers/laptops do you own? One, it's technically mom's but I use it more

>Is being outside a form of entertainment? Not really entertainment, more of a form of relaxation
>What do you do? I lounge in the hammok near the pond in our backyard. Sometimes I'll sit under a tree at Ocean Park near the Pier. Other times I'll just walk around if it's a nice day or if it's raining.

>Do you sometimes play by yourself? ummm, what!? o.O Sure I do, lol
>Have you been on a trampoline? Not for many years.
>>What other forms of entertainment do you do? Umm, well I take photos of things outside. Or smell the breeze if it's after a rainstorm

1. My name is :: Sara
2. I may seem::: mellow
3. But I'm really::: kinky
4. People who know me think::: I'm weird
5. If you knew me you'd::: think the same thing
6. Sometimes I feel::: stressed and rushed
7. In the morning I::: rather go back to sleep
8. I like to sleep:: for 9 hours
9. If I could be doing anything right now I would be :: sleeping
10. Money is::: overrated
11. One thing I wish I had is::: a boyfriend
12. One thing I have that I wish I didn't is::: my weight
13. All you need is::: love
14. All I need is::: relaxation
15. If I had one wish it would be::: to get more wishes ;)
16. Love is::: worth the effort
17. My body is::: lame
18. If an angel flew into my window at night I would::: call the whitecoats about me seeing angels.
19. If a demon crashed into my window I would::: Shriek and then do the same thing ;p
20. If I could see one person right now it would be::: my Dad
21. Something I want but I don't really need is::: the Harry Potter iPod
22. Something I need but I don't really want is::: a job some skirts
23. I live for::: the chickens
24. I dare you all to::: flash me :P (what else can I say?)
25. I am afraid of::: change
26. It makes me angry when::: I read about the latest 'adventures' of our president
29. I cry because::: i'm sensitive
30. This survey is::: better then some

*have you ever*
Kissed your cousin::: Haha yeah, as a kid. Then later on the cheek.
Ran away::: no
Pictured your crush naked::: many times
Actually seen your crush naked::: unfortunately no
Broken someone's heart::: no
Been in love::: no
Cried when someone died::: yeah
Wanted someone you knew you couldnt have::: yeah
Broken a bone::: my ankle
Drank alcohol::: yeah
Lied::: yeah
Cried in school::: yeah

*do you believe in*
Love at first sight::: no
God::: not sure, leaning towards no
Kisses on the first date::: If the moment is right
Monsters::: Yes, look at our federal government
Horoscopes::: no
Aliens::: Yes, it's self-centered to think this is the only planet with life.
Ghosts::: Not sure
Heaven::: Heaven is a state of mind
Hell::: See above
Cheating::: Do I believe in cheating? O.o Nope, I know it happens though

*the opposite sex*
What do you notice first::: eyes and hair
Last person you slow danced with::: Brandon at my brother's wedding
Worst thing to do::: lie
Short or long hair::: long but not down-to-the-butt long (though that's hot on some guys)
Piercings or none::: I don't mind piercings I just don't want to be blinded by all the not a lot

*the last time*
Showered::: last night
Have been to a party::: a long time ago
Had a great time with the opposite sex::: Friday

*what is*
Your good luck charm::: My grandfather's keychain from the general store he had back in the 40s. It's an old keychain with a four leaf clover on it.
Person you hate the most::: I'm not sure, the person I know personally that I hate the most might be my brother.
The worst song you've ever heard::: If it's so terrible, why would I remember it? I don't know!
The best thing that has happened to you today::: Nothing yet
Color::: green
Movie::: I assume this list is for favorites? Well, I don't know my favorite movie!
Book::: See above, I love way too many. Just because I have an obsession with Harry Potter doesn't mean it's my favorite book. It's one of them but not the favorite.
Subject in school::: life science
Online buds::: I assume this means not friends I've actually hang out with? Then it would be Lee, Lesley, and Jessi (both Jessi's)
Juice::: orange
Place to go when there's no where else to go::: my room
Cars::: Rolls Royce, Bentley, Jaguar (hmmm) are my favorites
Food::: hamburger
Ice cream::: Depends on my mood but I'll never get sick of chocolate. I also adore chocolate rasberry torte by Haagan Daaz. OMG that icecream is sinful.
Soft drink::: Dr. Pepper
Sports::: football and fencing.
Holiday::: New Years possibly
Season::: Winter
Breakfast food: cold cereal. I like to eat hot cereal if I'm tired, it sooths me
Places to go with your friends: movies =D

Makes you laugh the most::: Monique or Jessi from Florida
Makes you smile::: Monique
Gives you a funny feeling whenever you see them::: nobody
Has a crush on you::: nobody
Who do you have a crush on::: *points to icon* I don't actually know him though, it's a celebrity crush
Gives you kisses::: Nobody
Do you like to kiss::: yah

*do you ever*
Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call the whole nite::: no
Save emails::: yeah
Wish you were someone else::: sometimes
Wish you were a member of the opposite sex::: hahaha sometimes, I actually pondered that last night
Want to look different::: yeah
Cried because of someone's mean words::: yeah

Song Lyrics::: Can't say, there's too many awsome songs
Cologne::: Old Spice I guess. I'm used to only that smell, everything else gives me a migraine
Perfume::: Nothing, it makes me sick
Kiss::: N\A

TEN Random Things About Me
1. I have an anxiety disorder
2. I've never been stung by a bee as far as I can remember
3. I have two biological siblings named Jason and Theresa that I kinda wanna meet
4. I have Native American, Scottish, English, German, and a little bit of Irish blood in me.
5. My favorite childhood book was "I Am A Bunny"
6. I wasn't really into Babar
7. I have a kink for leather pants
8. I don't like going to large get-togethers (parties included)
9. I love my state
10. I love farm animals

NINE Places I've Visited:::
1. Seattle, WA
2. Washington DC
3. Boston, MA
4. Cape Cod, MA
5. Chicago, IL
6. Victoria, BC Canada
7. San Orcas, WA
8. Orlando, FL
9. San Fransisco, CA

EIGHT things I want to do before I die
1. Live outside the country (preferably UK and Canada)
2. Go to Antarctica
3. Fall in love and have the love returned
4. Learn to fly a plane
5. Live happy
6. Donate a large sum to a charity I love
7. Take a world vacation
8. write a book

SEVEN Ways to win my heart
1. make me laugh
2. don't lie to me
3. don't try to compete or one-up me
4. listen to me with an open heart
5. treat my friends good
6. romance helps
7. treat me as an equal

SIX things I believe in
1. love
2. same sex marriage
3. choice
4. equal rights
5. aliens
6. love again

FIVE Things I'm afraid of
1. death
2. other people on the road
3. change
4. my brother to an extent
5. Dying alone (I know, I'm in my 20s and I fear that)

FOUR of my Favorite Items in my bedroom -
1. My corkboard
2. computer
3. bed
4. my fancy stuffed animals (Stitch, Kenny, a soft shark, a fancy velociraptor)

THREE Things I do everyday.
1. check my email
2. Brush my teeth
3. smirk (I've been smirking alot)

TWO Things I am trying not to do right now
1. leave my room (my aunt is here and she doesn't like me)
2. giving in to my craving for chocolate and Dr. Pepper

ONE Person I want to see right now
1. the inventor of the Slinkie (is he still alive?)
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