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new icon! I didn't make it, it's too pretty for it to be one of mine!

In your opinion, what is the greatest song of all time?

American Pie_Don McLean

It's a classic folk\rock song. It sums up that era in one amazing song (wow I sound like an infomercial). It's just a wonderful song.

What have you accomplished this weekend?
Not much! I did my laundry, watched the complete GOF dvd, cleaned a bit of my room and my closet (the Monster wasn't pleased), and I helped mom put together baskets for Purim.

What haven't you accomplished this weekend?
I still haven't finished my room, which is completely pathetic. If I really got down and cleaned I would be done in a few days! I get distracted so easily and can't seem to just stick to the task. I also couldn't write a chapter to the story I'm working on, I hate it! I know what I want to happen but I can't put it down in writing.

In your opinion, what is the best place in the world?
Of the places I've been it would have to be either Cambria, CA or Seattle, WA.
Of the whole world it would have to be Scotland.

Cambria is a beautiful seaside town in central California. It has crashing waves on a rocky coast with shells. It's quaint and dispite having a large tourist boom, it doesn't have modern places. The coffee place is a mom and pop shop. It's just beautiful there.
Seattle is my favorite large city (that I've been to). It's driving distance from Canada, Oregon, and the Cascades. Dispite being a huge city, it has a large population of mom and pop stores. Yeah it's the birthplace of Starbucks but it's still down to earth. It's also very green and they have alot of wonderful festivals.
Scotland is just gorgous, I think it's my favorite country in the UK. The lochs, the coast, etc. I would love to own a house in Seattle and Scotland (actually the border between Scotland and England).

What is a song that always makes you laugh?
The Chicken Dance

It's hilarious? There's this one line that cracks me up; Everywhere the atom bombs are dropping, it's the end of all humanity!

Are you getting into any new bands?
Not really, I do keep an ear out though :)

What band are you listening to right at this moment?
Weird Al

Anything really bothering right now? If so, what?
Nothing of importance. Well my hair is greasy and it makes my head itch terribly; I need to wash it which I will in the morning.

Anything weird happen yesterday? If so, what?
Not really weird but mom had to go to Urgent Care to check something out.

Have you made any phone-calls this weekend? If so, to whom?
I communicated with mom while she was at Urgent Care. I also talked to another rattie breeder about our plans and if she had any squishy males up for adoption. She doesn't, but it couldn't hurt to ask!

Have you ever been in love?

--What is/was that like?

Are you currently in a relationship?
I was going to say something...wrong...but decided against it. ;)

--Do you love him/her?

--Does he/she love you?

Ever been in a painful breakup?

--What was that like?

Have you made any decisions over the weekend? If so, what?
Nothing important

Who's posts are you favorite on Livejournal?
Hmm, that would be a few people. imonsie, box_of_sorrows, and yodallama

Are you happy with your life?
Not really but I'm used to it. I just hope I can get up and change myself before I really sink into a pit og prediction. Wow, I'm really...weird right now.

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