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Rattie rats and chinnie chins

I don't know why I haven't mentioned this before. My friend, imonsie, has two of my girls for a few days to a week. She has a male rattie, Albus, who comes from one of my past litters. He's a himi velveteen. Anyway, she has Blaise and Tonks so we can breed the three of them together. Albus carries siamese, russian based colors, hairless, BES, BEH, burmese. Blaise is a blazed velveteen girl that also carries hairless and Tonks is a siamese hairless dumbo. Here's what I think I'll get from the pairings;
SKR Albus x RRLM Blaise
velveteen and double velveteen (like poodles!) in topear (maybe one dumbo). Probably colors like black and agouti but I might get some highwhites *cross fingers*

SKR Albus x RRLM Tonks
Himi and siamese in velveteen and possibly hairless. Also a good chance of the litter being 50% dumbo.

Later on I plan on breeding a baby from both litters together in hopes of getting BES, BEH, and burmese. Joy ^_^
The plans for adopting a chin are coming through. I might get the first chin on this page;
The breeder calls her 'Sweetie' and she doesn't get on with other chins but she's very friendly to people and as her bio says, she's a lap chin. This is actually good for me because I don't really want two chins. I was looking for a chin that was to be housed alone and I found one! If I get her I'll rename her to Narcissa most likely...and just call her Cissy (it sounds like Sweetie). Sweetie is such a.....bleh name :P. If the breeder says she knows her name though, I'll probably just keep it the way it is. Changing it to something very similar shouldn't be a big deal, it shouldn't confuse her.
Lastly, mom went to Urgent Care this morning and she's still there. They had a major wait time today and she's finally waiting for the bloodwork back. It's nothing terribly serious (we think), the right side of her abdomen has been hurting. I think it has to do with her gall bladder. I'll probably update on that when I know more.
Tags: chinchilla, family, rat breeding
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