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They've got a lot of brains and a lot of chutzpa

I just want to let you know my ceileing fan is haunted. It's one of those fans that comes with a remote that adjusts the speed of the blades and the brightness of the light. Anyway, I lost the remote last summer so the fan was always on (the blades). If I turn off the wall switch the blades and light go off but if the switch is on, blades and light are on. Lately the blades have been turning on for about ten minutes then turning off. Sometimes the light goes off too! I kinda think my remote is in my closet because Zoe hangs out in there and might be messing with the remote. If not, then my ghost is being tampered with by Peeves!

Zoe in the closet, she keeps the Closet Monster at bay

My poor mom, pillow to a 11lb. cat and a dog head that is probably the same weight!

This photo is great, makes Spencer look great dane sized! It's just the angle ;)

Spencer puts up with Heidi's sillyness but he's a cat; he has pride!

Poor Spencer! His pride is shattered by being caught on camera being the pillow of...a dog!

Haha you can tell he is *this* close to bolting.

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