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Wow, the wind is really whipped up right now! Our neighbor is redoing his house and put blue tarp down so that stuff is going all wonky and it's loud. Oooo now it's raining and is that thunder I heard? I love weather! Maybe I should be a weathergirl ;)
I'm going to get a weather kit; rain gauge, barometer, amongst other stuff. I'm going to get old fashioned equipment. The new stuff might be fancy but you can't beat the old stuff!
I'm still considering changing my'll probably relate to my fandoms but I dunno what I'd change it to. Somebody suggested a word in Parseltongue but I dunno if there's a dictionary on it would be cool if there was!
Eight more days until the movie is released and hopefully nine more days before I can watch it! Woop!
I adore the movie Day After Tomorrow, it's actually one of my favorite movies! The music is also wonderful, beautiful and haunting.
Anything really worthwhile I should post? I guess I can post photos of our three kitties!

A little blurry but it still shows that Spencer is a proud cat.

A photo taken without flash but even so, Spencer is handsome :)

Zoe, my teeny tiny girl

Our old lady Mystery. Her brother, Mr. Scrooge passed away in December but we think she has another few years. Mystery will be turning 18 April 15th (we made American tax day their birthdays!)
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