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Clamo, Clamatis, Omnes Clamamus Pro Glace Lactis

The last movie you watched? hmmm....the last movie I watched was probably...Free Willy :D
The last song you listened to? Can I count what I'm listening to now? It's The Hearts Cry from Riverdance. Before that it was This Is The Night from the Goblet of Fire soundtrack (12 more days!)
The last book you read? Ice Hunt by James Rollins...for the third time ^_^
The last thing you ate? pineapple slices from a can :D
The last thing you drank? Dr. Pepper this afternoon
The last scent you smelled? pineapple
The last dessert you ate? I had cake last Friday but pineapple can be a dessert as well :)
The last thing you fell over? a candy bar a few days ago and I punished it by eating it
The last picture you took? I took a picture of me with my mouth open where it looks like I'm sneezing. I had my orange room spray right near me so it looks like I caught a sneeze on camera ^_^
The last person you kissed? grandma
The last person you hugged? ...I don't remember
The last person you talked to? in person; Mom. Online; Monique
The last person who made you cry? Mom
The last person who made you laugh? Monique
The last person you saw? Mom
The last person you dated? This guy named didn't work out :P
The last person you loved? Dad
The last person who spent time with you? Mom I guess
The last person you hated? Adam
The last person who was mean to you? Adam possibly...maybe mom
The last person who was nice to you? Monique
The last time you ate? Three hours ago.
The last time you slept? woke up at 9
The last time you used the bathroom? 30 minutes ago
The last time you cried? Yesterday
The last time you laughed? a hour ago or so
The last time you hurt yourself? When I snagged my little toenail on the bathroom rug and now it's split down the middle...that's always a bitch :(
The last time that you read? Three minutes ago
The last time that you listened to a CD all the way through? Mel Brooks: The 1,000 Year Old Man
The last time you spent a night over at someone else's house? years and years ago
The last time you spent with a friend? Um...a few weeks ago I was with Monique. Yeah, I don't consider family to be friends (but I consider friends to be family!)
The last time you cursed? sometime today
The last time you prayed? I know for sure I prayed on 9\11 before the second tower fell...and I think I prayed the night my dad died
The last time you wished you were dead? Seriously wished? A few years ago
The last time you wished someone else was dead? last week
The last time you wished you didn't have to end something? I don't rightly remember
The last time you played a videogame? Two hours ago I was verbally abusing my GBA cause I couldn't beat a level in Donkey Kong Country III (I beat it)
The last time you watched TV? We don't have satelitte right now so....sometime last year. The last time I watched a dvd or vhs on the tv was Saturday
The last time you wrote something down on paper? Um....well I X'd out my calender around 11:30pm and I penned a birthday card to Monique which she'll get on the 8th :)
The last time you smiled? Just now thinking about the 8th :)
The last time you were truly happy? Um...a few nights ago when Monique and I were loopy around 4 in the morning.
The last time that you were sad? I'm not having a good month :(
The last time you told someone that you loved them? I don't remember...maybe my brother when he called (he doesn't let me go unless I say it back)
The last time you talked on the phone? Talked to my therapist earlier tonight. I really should call my friend to inquire about mooshy rats
The last time you posted on an internet forum? Um...I commented to fuckyoulist but the last time I did an individual post was this afternoon
The last time you sent an email? I replied to a yahoo group this morning but the last time I did my own email was two days ago
The last time you used IM programs to talk to someone? I'm talking to Monique on Yahoo right now :D
The last time you updated your blog/webpage/livejournal/etc.? Hours ago but I'm about to update with this dribble
The last time that you sat and thought about your life? After I got off the phone with my therapist
The last time in which you declared "I hate you!"? Last week maybe..or the week before
The last time you downloaded something off the internet? Last weekend I downloaded the Chicken Dance!
The last time you took a survey? A few days ago

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