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How long to sing this song! How long to sing this song!

Watched 2 hours of Futurama..the 1st season. What a lovely way to waste two hours. Now I'm here singing along with this song like an idiot.
I'm going to let the rats play on my bed and I might take some photos! I'm still researching frogs and toads. Weighing the pros and cons and seeeing if I really want one :)
I want another Hamlet rat; a rat that is fat, licky, brave, outgoing, and all out cool. If you can get a major Orthodox rabbi to admit that Hamlet is cute then you can do anything! Ok, that made NO sense ^_^
That said, I miss Hamlet and the little one in my icon. He was such a moosh even though he only lived two months.
Tags: my rats, ramblings
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