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1) First Name Spelled Backwards: Aras
2) Middle Name Spelled Backwards: I have two; harbed hael
3) Last Name Spelled Backwards: nirepla
4) Your Half-Birthday: half birthday? December 19
5) What type of milk do you drink?: I like both 1% and 2%..I also like whole on occasion but I won't drink it because then I'll want more and more and MORE!
6) What is the most sentimental thing you own?: Umm.....a photo of me and my dad when I was seven
7) Have any imaginary friends?: not anymore
8 ) When was the last time you brushed your teeth?: a hour ago
9) Do you listen to Christmas music in July?: not usually
10) What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say January?: rainy season
11) May?: flower
12) November?: beginning of winter
13) July?: unbearable heat
14) April?: end of snow, mom's birthday
15) February?: snow
16) October?: halloween
17) August?: more ugly heat
18) March?: release month of the GOF dvd
19) December?: Chanukah, end of the year
20) June?: my birthday and the beginning of ugly heat
21) September?: ugly heat getting mild
21) What color is your blanket?: purple, green, blue
22) What was the last movie you bought?: Drop Dead Fred
23) Last CD you bought?: um...the last album I bought on iTunes was Best of Bruce Springsteen :]
24) What radio station do you listen to?: 105.1fm, 101.1fm, 98am, 570am, 98.7fm
25) Are you the only child, oldest child, middle child, or youngest child?: middle
26) If you do have brother(s) or sister(s) put them in alphabetical order, including yourself: Adam, Sara
27) Do you have anything on your bedroom walls? If so, what?: a lovely corkboard with a calender, Riverdance tickets, and some luscious posters, a poster of the Lone Cypress (google it), and a felt plaque from dad's office
28 ) How many windows in your home?:  I never counted but now I did. This includes windows in the doors and the ratroom\garage......26
29) How many pairs of shoes do you own?: 10
30) What's the weirdest song title you've ever heard of?: ummm I dunno
31) Whats the worst movie you've ever seen?: Fever Lake as far as I can remember
32) Whats the worst CD you've ever listened to?: I dunno...
33) What US State would you NEVER want to visit?: hrm.....I dunno..each state has things I like :)
34) What country would you NEVER want to visit?: again, I dunno...probably Iraq unless things settle down
35) What is your least favorite color?: pink
36) What is your favorite flavor Fanta (the soda)?: dunno, I don't drink it 
37) Do you have any scars?: oh yea
38 ) Do you know anybody in the Army, Navy, Marines, or any other group?: Some family members WERE in them
39) What color goes good with Blue?: purple and green
40) Green?: black, purple, and blue
41) Grey?: blue
42) Orange?: black
43) Red?: blue
44) Yellow?: black
45) Purple?: blue and green
46) What is your favorite character in 'Harry Potter'?: hahahaha Harry of course! *cuddles Harry*
47) 'Lord Of The Rings'?: Legolas I think
48 ) 'Grease'?: I don't really remember...probably Danny
49) Have you ever seen 'Life Is Beautiful'?: I don't think so
50) What about 'Monsters Inc.'?: Yeah
51) Do you like Scooby Doo?: yeah even if it's repetive (I like the show, not the movie even though it has Matthew Lillard)
52) Describe your perfect place to live (imaginary or not): A nice sized house with a huge backyard with an English style garden. Location would be on a coast with the coastline being rocky and with pounding surf but also good to walk. Moutains and a northern rainforest (Washington state type of forest) would be visable. No smog, traffic, friendly neighbors, and happy little bunny rabbits
53) Does your back hurt?: now that you mention it; yes
54) Do you collect anything?: yup ;fan fiction among other things ;)
55) Have you ever been to camp?: day camp and overnight\weekend camp
56) Do you have a car? my mom does; a Honda CRV
57) If you don't have a car, would you name it? If so, what?: I wouldn't...but I did name mom's old Nissan; Ol' Put-Put! That was a great car XD
58 ) What is your perfect car?: Oh don't go there! Ok....Bentley, Rolls Royce, 65' Mustang, Aston Martin, Jaguar, mini-cooper (they're cute with leg room!), and a motor home
59) What family member are you closest to?: My mom and then my cousin Ben who just plain rules
60) What family member do you wish you were closer to?: Um...I guess Garret
61) Do you consider pets as family?: yessum
62) Do you look at a calander daily?: yeah, it has cute boys on it (this month the cute boys are too young to lust over...except for Oliver in his lovely Quidditch uniform XD)
63) What is your least favorite holiday?: um...Passover. It's a pain to get ready for
64) Do you like getting air-mail?: air-mail? I like snail mail and I'm sure some of it came by air ;p
65) Would you ever go on a cruise?: yea
66) How many phones do you have in your home?: 3 but one doesn't work
67) Do you own or wear a watch?: I own one
68 ) Do you wear any jewelry? If so what do you wear?: rarely...
69) Where do you wish you were right now?: in bed
70) With whom?: If you don't know I'm not going to tell you ^_^
71) Doing what?: um...
72) Have you ever had a sepia photo taken of you?: yeah; I love sepia photos :)
73) What is your least favorite WB movie?: um I dunno
74) Do you own any hats? Is yes, what kinds?: yeah, a really cool hat from London Fog :D
75) Do you own anything that is older then you?: yes
76) How many hours of sleep did you get last night?: 4
78 ) Have you ever won a ribbon?: yeah and so have my rats!
79) Do you save old birthday/christmas/whatever cards given to you?: yes, I'm a pack rat 
80) How many clocks are in your home?: a few
81) Ever been to Disneyland?: yeah
82) Ever been to Universal Studios?: yeah
83) Ever seen the cockpit of an airplane?: yeah, through the door
84) Ever made a movie?: yeah, it sucked :D
85) Geometry or Algebra?: ick..pre-algerbra!
86) Poems or Short Stories?: short stories
87) AIM or MSN?: AIM
88 ) MSN or Yahoo?: yahoo
89) AIM or Yahoo?: Yahoo
90) Windows or MAC?: windows
91) What is your least favorite number?: don't have one...there's so many to choose from ;p
92) What was the last thing you said?: "oooh who's my little shmegeggi!" (to Spencer)
93) What are you sitting on?: computer chair
94) Have you been outside today?: yeah
95) What have you done today?: go to PetCo, Jamba Juice, get my eyes rechecked and get glasses, go to family friend's for a hour, have dinner, watch Monty Python, read fanfiction, do survey, play the original Kirby's Dreamland on my GBA...never could beat the stupid duck
96) Do you like apple or orange juice?: orange
97) Do you like cats or dogs more?: cats
98 ) What is your most favorite reptile?: most favorite?! Wow..haha umm.....I like little snakies
99) Would you rather fish or hunt?: fish, I can release the fish
100) Are you sleepy?: not really

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