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[E-mail address: ]

[If you could be one of the planets on our solar system, which would you be and why.]
Neptune because it's the ice planet :)

[What is the first thing you do in the morning ]
Grumble and cover my feet back up while burying my head under the pillow

[What hairstyle do you go for]
Down past my shoulders and natural. Sometimes I get a perm and a dye

[How much does your phone bill cost each month]
I don't pay it but I do pay for my internet bill and I don't remember how much that is. I'm also too lazy to check

[If you could shave something into your head, what would it be]
I wouldn't, it took years to get my hair this long and I'm not about to lop it off like that

[If you could die your hair one color, what would it be ]
I do dye it one color...or two colors. Usually an auburn brown

[If you could have a tattoo what would it be ]
That's a pickle...hmmm probably a celtic design

[If you could be any animal, real or imaginary, what would it be ]
hippogriff! I'd be a horse\eagle and I'd be flying off cliff and shooting down to the ground!

[Your favorite mentos commerical ]
Hahaha I haven't seen one of those in years! I do adore the Foo Fighters video Big Me though ^_^

[The color of your toothbrush ]
green and blue. Bristles are white and green

[The color of your toothpaste ]
white with blue thingies in it

[Half empty or half full]
depends on my mood...right now it's half full

[What is on your ceiling ]
paint, a fan, a vent, and dust

[Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese Doritos ]
Errr what? I like ranch dressing but I've never heard of Cool Ranch

[Your favorite character from the Breakfast Club ]
Hmmm it used to be the punk but I dunno now..

[Coke or Pepsi]
I don't really drink Coke but I do prefer it

[The way to eat an Oreo ]
A different way each time. Here's my two main ways though;
pull them apart, eat the more bare one, then scrape off the creme and eat the other half.
Dunk it all into milk!

[Favorite kind of milk ]
I like both 1% and 2% I also like whole but I won't drink it

[If you were to kill someone, which method would you choose ]
I'd AK their arse...but, since that isn't real I guess I would go after them with a chainsaw >:)

[Do you type with all ten fingers on the correct keys ]
yes, I type well and I don't even have to look at the keyboard! Go me *does cabbage patch*
[What do you wear to bed ]
Depends on how hot or cold I am. Usually I wear short short jammy bottoms and a tank top. Right now I'm wearing a night t-shirt and jammy pants....I want adult jammies with feets :\

[Have you ever been attacked by a really big dog]
Well...Chaos never really attacked me, more like lunged at me. Bah, but I was attacked by a little terrier when I was two. Tore my cheek  open and the doctors were amazed that I didn't have an ugly scar

[Do you ever save aol conversations]
Haha I used to if they were really funny, informative, or with a certain somebody that I don't bother with anymore. I don't really use AIM anymore though

[Do you eat chicken fingers with a fork ]
I start off with the fork and then I use my fingers. If I'm in a restraunt I will use a fork and knife

[Do you eat the stems of broccoli ]
ick, I hate vegatables

[If you could be anything in the kitchen, what would you be ]
Hmmmm I think I'd be the freezer cause it's cold and I like to be cold ^_^

[If you could be a gardening tool, what would you be ]

[What kind of shoe would you be if you could be a shoe ]
These are completely stupid questions. I wouldn't be a shoe, I'm not into shoes; I'd rather walk barefoot!

[Jello or mud wrestling ]
Umm no

[What is under your bed ]
the Closet Monster somestimes takes up residence under there

[If you could be a character from an animation, which one would you be ]
Eeek that's hard! I think I'd be Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She's beautiful, a bookworm, and still got the guy (though the guy looked so much like Fabio that he freaks me out)

[What chocolate chip cookies you like best ]
Hmmm Famous Amos except they're so small!

[ever laughed so hard that liquid (milk or whatsoever) come out of your nose ]

[why does the chicken cross the road ]
To get all the chicken jokers to shut up.

[chicken or egg comes first ]
eek that's a dilly of a pickle! Well....a creature that's close to being a chicken can lay the egg that has a mutation and becomes a chicken. That's a noodle scratcher! Can you tell I've been watching a lot of Simpsons' with Flanders?

[are you a mover, a shaker, or a couch potato ]
Ummm I'm a lazy arse

[which is better: remembering names or faces ]

[how many dates before the first kiss ]
Go with the flow and do what you think is right

[is it wrong to be homosexual ]
Nope, your life, your choice

[why are you taking this survey anyway ]
Wasting time before bed

[what do you think of this survey ]
Too many lame questions

Pick up the nearest book and write a sentence at random from it: What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?

Do you like having your picture taken?: NO!

Ever bought a CD for just one song?: I used to but now I just download off iTunes

Do you read your horoscope?: Nope

If you could only talk to one person online, who would that be?: Monsie because she's the shizzle with the bling!

What color is the inside of your head when you close your eyes?: Err depends if I'm looking into light. Right now it's an extremely dark brown to the point of being black..and there's sparkly dots!

Do you find you use internet language when writing notes in real life?: What kind of notes? Notes to myself or notes to friends? In any case I usually just replace 'are' with 'r' and 'to,too,two' with 2. Everything else I try to keep normal

When you're talking do you ever use your hands to do quotation marks in the air when saying certain words? Not really

Ever seriously questioned your sanity?: Yeah but I question my brother's sanity more (I haven't heard from him in a week so no worries there!)

When you dream do you see what's happening in a character's view or a camera type view?: Both

Have you ever kept a New Year's resolution?: nope

Who has the best taste in music out of all your friends?: Ummm we all have similar tastes so we all rule equally :)

What is your school mascot?: I dunno, I don't go to higschoo. Erm...UCLA's mascot is a bear but I'm more of a USC girl and I think their mascot is a  horse

Do you wish your teeth were whiter?: yep

Do you laugh at your own jokes?: Yes, I'm easily amused 

What word instantly makes you smile?: Hrm....shrubbery!

How many phone numbers do you have remembered and can say off the top of your head?: home, my cell, mom's cell, mom's work, adam's home (ick), my breeder buddy's home, my four vets, my therapist, my first friend's, Monsie's

What was the best Halloween costume you ever had?: I thought they were all awsome at the time! I once dressed up as a space vampire and that turned out good. I always dressed up as a black kitty and each year it was more eleborate. I also dressed up as a tv once, that ruled! Oh oh! One year I dressed up as a plunger XD

Can you limbo?: Not well at all

You're a vampire; what's worse, never seeing a photo/reflection of yourself, never being able to eat or drink what's not blood, or never seeing sunlight again?: Ummm never being able to drink what's not blood. I'd do it to survive but then I could never experience the joy that is a Coffee Bean mocha ice blended!

Do you say random stuff like "I like Snickers" when you are having a conversation about something totally different?: Yeah

Name all the Teletubbies right now: Um no

Would you ever call someone a racist name?: No, I couldn't even read parts of Huck Finn out loud in high school!

Do you think Vlad is a cool name?: Vlademir is better but that's because I know a Vlad and he can be annoying

Did you know it is Dracula's first name?: Yep

What do you think is going to take over humans and rule the world?: Viruses

What is your IQ?: I dunno

Have you ever killed your own dinner?: No

Would you prefer a spork or a spoon and fork?: Never really thought about it...what would I eat that required both?

Favorite of the seven dwarves?: Dopey and Grumpy

Ever laughed so hard that what you were drinking spewed out of your nose?: I already had a question like this.

Wasn't Josie and the Pussycats a stupid movie?: Never seen it

Wasn't Shrek an awesome movie?: Yeah it was pretty cool :)

What did you think of the movie Turner and Hooch?: Aww that movies makes me cry! It also helps that it has my favorite actor in it! Errr my favorite NOT young actor ;)

Have you ever dissected a frog?: Yessum

How long have you been living at your current residence?: Since I was four days old

first thing that comes to mind
dont: litter
please: thank you
i'll do anything: for love but I won't do that!
look: both ways before crossing the street
help: me
red: red wine
white: wedding
pink: panther
school: out forever
me: you
boys: rosy cheeks
girls: friends
cars: don't make them like they used to
babys: annoying
sexy: Dan
but but but: goose!
holy flying cows: South Park
o x-mas tree: Hitler in South Park
physics: Einstein
bug crossing: squish
ouch: head
boohoo: whine 
grrr: Adam
shoe: 10 1\2 wide
plow: hearth
word: up
flat: stomach

finish the sentence
what would you do- for a Klondike Bar?
why are- we here?
so what- if Clinton couldn't keep his pants down, he was still a great president!
eat my- shorts
why are you looking at- me?
what are you-nuts?
did you- have chicken tonight?
can i be- free
lets make a- deal
lalala- la
whats up- doc?
do you wanna- shag?

answer this
are you gay/lez? straight
whats your weight? nope
are you hungry? kinda, I want a tropical popsicle
hows mom doing? meh, she's ok
do you eat pickles? No but I have a weird thing about smelling them, I like the smell of pickles.
was this dumb? yes
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