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I think I'm coming down with a cold because I have the body aches. It hurts to walk, it hurts to stretch, it hurts to do anything but lie down under a heavy blanket. Bloody perfect; today I have to take the written driver's test. I hope it doesn't hinder my performance...I don't think it will though.
I'm going to bed, maybe I can get a good nights sleep while cuddling my kitty witty

Oh, before I go here's a few photos of Heidi my horsie

Heidi rearing up like the horsie she is. Too bad her head got cut off ;)

Heidi always need reassurence from mom

Heidi mid gallop. She does perfect circuits in the rug, we don't have a bloody clue why she does this.

Heidi doesn't do this much so I'm happy I got a photo. She wants her belly rubbed =)

Heidi inviting me to rub her belly

I'm bugging Heidi with the camera flash

Tags: heidi, my photos, rants
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