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1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and street name) Well I had a… - Robot Skeleton Army Minion #1983
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Sat, Feb. 4th, 2006 12:42 am

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (first pet and street name) Well I had a lot of first pets...my first cat then

Scrooge Oakhurst

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your fathers's side)


3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first three letters of your last name)

S. Alp

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite animal, name of high school)

Cat Linden

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born)

Debrah Leah Los Angeles (that's so stupid sounding)

6. YOUR OPPOSITE SEX NAME: (name of dad/mom, cell phone Company you use

Anthony Verizon

7. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (first 3 letters of your last name, last 3 letters of mother's maiden name, first 3 letters of your pet's name?)

Alp kin spe

 Bold what is true.

1. I graduated 8th grade.
2. I graduated college.
3. I graduated high school.
4. I love to travel.

5. I have been to Europe.
6. I have been to North America.
7. I have been to Asia.
8. I have been to Antarctica.
9. I have been to Africa.
10. I have been to Australia.
11. I have been to South America.
12. I hate cruises.
13. I love cruises.
14. I have been on a cruise.
15. I love star gazing.

16. I am scared of the dark.
17. I have a fear of flying.
18. I have been on so many flights before that I can't keep track.
19. I have a boyfriend.
20. I am single.
21. I am taken.
22. I am gay.
23. I am a lesbian.
24. I am straight.
25. I am white.
26. I am black.
27. I am Asian.
28. I am Jewish.
29. I am Hindu.
30. I am a Buddhist.
31. I am Muslim.
32. I am a Christian.
33. I am Catholic.
34. I celebrate Hannukah.
35. I celebrate Christmas.
36. Easter is my favorite holiday.
37. I used to go on Easter egg hunts when I was a little kid.   I went on a ofikomen hunt ^_^
38. I love the snow.
39. I hate the snow.
40. I have been to the United States.
41. I have been to Canada.

42. I have been to PEI.
43. I have been to Nova Scotia.
44. I have been to British Columbia.
45. I have been to Ontario.
46. I have been to Quebec.
47. I have been to Saskatchewan.
48. I have been to Manitoba.
49. I have been to Newfoundland.
50. I have been to Alberta.
51. I have been to New Brunswick (Canada).
52. I have been to New Brunswick, New Jersey.
53. I have been to Alabama.
54. I have been to Alaska.
55. I have been to Arizona.
56. I have been to Arkansas.
57. I have been to California.
58. I have been to Connecticut.
59. I have been to Delaware.

60. I have been to Florida.
61. I have been to Georgia.
62. I have been to Hawaii.
63. I have been to Idaho.
64. I have been to Illinois.
65. I have been to Indiana.
66. I have been to Iowa.
67. I have been to Kentucky.
68. I have been to Kansas.
69. I have been to Louisiana.
70. I have been to the Yukon Territory.
71. I have been to the Northwest Territories.
72. I have been to Maine.
73. I have been to Massachusetts.
74. I have been to Mississippi.
75. I have been to Minnesota.
76. I have been to Nevada.
77. I have been to New Jersey.
78. I have been to New York.
79. I have been to New Mexico.
80. I have been to Ohio.
81. I have been to Oregon.
82. I have been to Oklahoma.
83. I have been to Pennsylvania.
84. I have been to Maryland.

85. I have been to North Carolina.
86. I have been to North Dakota.
87. I have been to Rhode Island.
88. I have been to Tennessee.
89. I have been to South Dakota.
90. I have been to South Carolina.
91. I have been to Texas.
92. I have been to Utah.
93. I have been to Virginia.
94. I have been to Montana.
95. I have been to Vermont.
96. I have been to West Virginia.
97. I have been to Washington, DC.
98. I have been to Washington.

99. I have been to Wyoming.
100. I have been to Colorado.
101. I have been to New Hampshire.

102. I have been to Puerto Rico.
103. I have been to Guam.
104. I have been to Costa Rica.
105. I have been to The Seychelles.
106. I have been to India.
107. I have been to Switzerland.
108. I have been to Nebraska.
109. I have been to Missouri.
110. I have kissed a boy.
111. I have kissed a girl.
112. I have had more than three boyfriends.
113. I have 2 or more best friends.
114. I only have 1 best friend.
115. I like my family.
116. My family drives me nuts sometimes.
117. I have plans to go to college.
118. I have plans to go to grad school.
119. I have seen the pyramids in Egypt.
120. I have seen the Rocky Mountains.
121. I have been to Toronto.
122. I have been to Paris.
123. I have seen the Alps.
124. I have seen the Grand Canyon.
125. I have gone sky diving.
126. I have gone hanggliding.
127. I want to learn how to surf.
128. I know how to surf.
129. I love the ocean.
130. I love the beach.  
131. I would rather stay in a cabin in the mountains.
132. I love fresh air.
133. I love hiking around national parks or wildlife preserves.

134. I have been to tropical or subtropical islands.
135. I own an island.
136. I have my own house.
137. I am married.
138. I am married with kids.
139. I have a serious boyfriend.
140. I have pets.
141. I have a cat or cats.
142. I have a dog or dogs.
143. I have an unusual or exotic pet (name what it is here:rat and koi)
144. I am obsessed with celebrities' lives.
145. I want to be an editor.
146. I want to study animals.
147. I want to be a psychologist.
148. I want to be a writer.
149. I want to be an actress or actor.
150. I am a feminist.  
151. I am a good cook.
152. I love Valentine's Day.
153. I hate Valentine's Day.
154. I am liberal.
155. I am conservative.
156. I try to keep an open mind.
157. I have been with my current boyfriend or girlfriend for over a year.
158. I have been with my current boyfriend or girlfriend for over a month.
159. My favorite drink is soda.
160. My favorite drink is alcoholic.
161. I am/have been guilty of underage drinking.
162. I am/have been guilty of taking illegal substances.
163. I have smoked pot.
164. I have smoked hash.
165. I have smoked cigarettes.
166. I have taken magic mushrooms.
167. I have taken LSD.
168. I have taken XTC.
169. I have taken speed.
170. I have snorted coke.
171. I have injected or snorted heroin.
172. I have dabbled with inhalants.
173. I have tried mesculine.
174. I have tried peyote.
175. I have lost a friend who was very dear to me at one point in my life. (not necessarily to death though)
176. I have had a friend who died.
177. I have had a close family member die.
178. I have had any family member die.
179. I have never been to a funeral.
180. I don't know how to ride a bike.
181. I am just learning how to drive a car.
182. I have been driving for a while.
183. I am just learning how to drive stick shift.
184. I want a mansion on the beach.
185. I am addicted to The OC.
186. I have met someone awesome in another country, state, or province.
187. I have experienced a very scary flight.

188. I have been in The Louvre.
189. I have been to Belgium.
190. My favorite food is waffles.
191. I got assaulted once in Mexico.
192. I made out with a person whose language I did not speak.
193. I am very romantic at heart.
194. I love getting cliche gifts, like roses, chocolate, and lingerie.

195. I love champagne.
196. I am happy that my boyfriend or girlfriend can cook.
197. I want more bolding surveys.
198. I am addicted to surveys.
199. I have a job.
200. I have a job that I like.
201. I am tired.
202. I live in New Jersey.
203. I live in California.
204. I live in Alaska.
205. I live in Canada.
206. I have over 10 DVDs.
207. I just bought a CD yesterday.
208. I love reading.
209. My favorite movies are epic battle movies.
210. My favorite kind of music is metal.
211. I'm a punk rock fan.
212. I have been to a concert before.
213. I have seen my favorite band live.  
U2 baby!
214. I am in love with Social Distortion.   I love them but I'm not in love with them ;p
215. My state or province has an awesome underground music scene.
216. I hate the beach.
217. I am scared of water.
218. I suffer from depression.
219. I suffer from schizophrenia.
220. I suffer from bipolar disorder.
221. I suffer from autism.  
222. I wonder...
223. I have an older brother.

224. I love my sibling(s).
225. I have a lot of fun with my sibling(s).
226. My sibling(s) doesn't live with me anymore.
227. I live with my parents.
228. I no longer live with my parents.
229. My family is very educated.
230. My friends are very smart.
231. Sometimes, my friends' intelligence impresses me.
232. I exercise.
233. I have claustrophobia.    very mild
234. Bugs make me scream.
235. I know nothing or very little about birds or animals.
236. I am an avid birdwatcher.
237. I have been frightened by a coyote while hiking.
238. I have been frightened by a snake while hiking.
239. I have been frightened by a bear while hiking.
240. I find swamps eerily beautiful.
241. I believe in ghosts.
242. I have experienced certain things that I can only attribute to the supernatural.
243. I think the house I grew up in is haunted.
244. I love orange juice.
245. A pet of mine has been run over by a car.
246. My boyfriend or girlfriend goes to college.
247. Alcoholism runs in my family.   biological family
248. Addiction runs in my family.   see above
249. I feel like I am in a rut.
250. I have been bitten by a wild animal before.
251. I used to feed birds and chipmunks.
252. I love driving in the fog.
253. I hate driving.
254. I find that I am always the one who is driving.
255. I love maps.
256. I am hungry.
257. I feel ill.
258. I have had the flu.
259. I have had chickenpox.
260. I have had pneumonia.
261. I have broken a bone before.
262. I have had bronchitis.
263. I have been bitten by a poisonous snake or poisonous spider.
264. I find myself often bored.
265. I am into scrapbooking.
266. I love magazines.
267. I think it's a waste of money to subscribe to magazines.
268. I hate girls.
269. I want a new car.
270. I don't like bolding surveys.
271. I have a laptop.
272. I love scented candles.
273. Scented candles give me a headache.

274. I like to take baths.
275. There is place that I have been going to on vacation ever since I was a baby.
276. I live in Cape Cod (Massachusetts).
277. A friend of mine has moved across the country or many miles away.
278. I have had a long-distance relationship.
279. I am in a long-distance relationship.
280. I have brown hair.
281. I am a redhead.
282. I have black hair.
283. I am a blonde.
284. I am short.
285. I am tall.
286. I am average.
287. I am fat.
288. I am skinny.
289. I weigh what I am supposed to weigh.
290. I have muscles.
291. I could kick someone's ass if I really wanted to.
292. I have been in a physical fight before.
293. I have been in a verbal fight before.
294. My favorite plant is a cactus.
295. I love fooling around on the internet.
296. I like days where I have nothing to do.

297. I am a city person.
298. I like the country more.
299. I have been to New York City.
300. I would like to see New York City.
301. I ride a bike everywhere I go.
302. I am a virgin.
303. I am not a virgin.
304. One of my close friends suffers/suffered from a drug or alcohol addiction.
305. I love throwing parties.
306. I love going to parties.
307. I love summer.
308. I like watching fireworks.
309. I go horseback riding often.
310. I went horseback riding once or twice.
311. I love Pennsylvania
312. I have a printer.
313. I have many purses.
314. I have a lot of clothes.
315. I'm really not into clothes or shopping.
316. I am addicted to spending money.
317. I love watching DVDs while I lounge around on the couch and eat ice cream
318. I enjoy having sleep-overs with my friends.
319. I love sleeping in my own bed.
320. I have Christmas lights up in my room.
321. I rent an apartment.
322. The cost of living is very expensive in my area.
323. There is a lot of traffic around my area.

324. I <3 The Sopranos.
325. I hate TV.
326. I have tons of CDs.
327. My neighbors can be kind of annoying.

328. I wish I could see some of my friends more often.
329. I wish I didn't feel so guilty all of the time.
330. Whenever I see a shooting star, I wish on it.
331. I have seen the Northern Lights.
332. I have hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.
333. I have camped in the true wilderness.
334. I have been camping before.
335. I love roasted marshmallows.
336. I have been through a tornado.
337. I have been through a Category 1 hurricane or a tropical storm.
338. I have been through a Category 2 or above hurricane.
339. I have experienced a massive earthquake.
340. I have experienced a very minor earthquake.

341. I have seen wildfires.
342. I have been through a mudslide.  
Well, not really. We were driving and a mudslide happened. We were far enough away to not get effected but we did see it.
343. I have experienced a tsunami.
344. I have experienced another natural disaster.
345. I love the rain.

346. I have never seen snow.
347. I would love to see snow.
348. It has snowed a lot in the past month.   Somewhere in the world *gives cheeky grin*
349. I am looking forward to something in the next few months.   GOF!!! That's pretty sad that I'm looking forward to a dvd release ;) Okay....Zelda, Jaws, Kingdom Hearts 2.
350. I am going to a wedding this year.   possibly
351. I just got engaged!
352. I hope to get engaged by the end of this year.
353. Weddings make me teary-eyed.
354. My mom cries at weddings.
355. Sometimes my dad drives me crazy with his lectures, tangents, and repetitive stories.   Drove me crazy, but I loved him anyway.
356. Sometimes my mom drives me crazy with her paranoia and intense fear of everything.
357. Sometimes my sibling(s) drive me crazy.
358. I love road trips!

359. I want to go on a road trip with my closest friends.
360. I have driven across the country.
361. I have a cell phone.
362. I am currently reading a book.   HP:OotP
363. I have seen pink sand beaches.
364. I have seen yellow sand beaches.
365. I have seen white sand beaches.
366. I have seen black sand beaches.

367. I have seen beaches that are made up of rocks.
368. I love salty food.
369. I love seafood.
370. I have eaten many exotic cuisines.
371. I have had Afghan cuisine.
372. I have had other Middle Eastern cuisines.
372. I have had Greek food.
373. I have had Italian food.
374. I have had Tex-Mex.
375. I have had Moroccan food.
376. I have had American food.
377. I have had Vietnamese food.
378. I have had Chinese food.
379. I have had Thai food.
380. I have had Ethiopian food.
381. I have had Turkish food.
382. I have had Cuban food.
383. I have had Haitian food.
384. I have had Norwegian food
385. I have had moose.
386. I have gone hunting before.
387. I have eaten what I have hunted.
388. A wild animal got stuck inside my house oncebats, opossums, racoons, rats, etc
389. I have been on an African safari.
390. I want to go on an African safari.
391. I like clocks.
392. I like accessories.
393. I have been to a Renaissance Faire.
394. I am a dork, and I am perfectly comfortable with that.
395. The shirt that I am wearing today is turquoise.
396. I own many pairs of shoes.
397. I always try to scan the tracks for rats when I'm waiting for the subway/Metro/Tube/etc.   I probably would if I took our undergroud Metro ;p
398. I am scared of going to NYC.
399. I am scared about traveling abroad.
400. I thought it was about time for a newish bolding survey.
401. I have had Mexican food.
402. I am an atheist.
403. I am agnostic.

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Current Music: Light One Candle---Peter, Paul, and Mary


Sat, Feb. 4th, 2006 05:14 pm (UTC)

Wait a sec... youre Jewish AND agnostic? Are you conflicted?

Agent 27
Sat, Feb. 4th, 2006 09:33 pm (UTC)

Hehe I thought that would throw some people; lets me know you actually read it!
Yes I'm both. I love my religion and I'm proud of it but I'm not sure if I believe in god. So I labeled myself as both

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