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Thank you weasleses for the necklace! I obviously got it yesterday but didn't know until just now.

It's so cute ^_^

Went out to dinner tonight for my brother's birthday which is in a few days. We went to Gladstones near Malibu. It was super yummy. I usually don't like any fish but I decided to get fish and chips. I though tit would be halibut but it was sole which I've never have. My goodness, I've found a fish that I'll happily eat! I had a mango rita which is basically a mango margarita and let me tell you; it's high in alchohol! I got super hot then very tired and then a bit irritated. It was yummy though!
Now, let me tell you; Gladstones and it's sister restraunt Paradise Cove have chocolate cake that's to die for! It's HUGE. One slice of their cake can be evenly cut for five people! Gah it was good ><
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