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It stinks in my room and I don't know why

I went to BestBuy today and got myself a new camera. My old one still works but it's a hassle to lug around, it's huge! This is my 'carry everywhere' digital camera. Of course it's a Canon; a Canon PowerShot SD550 7.1MP
It's a tiny thing that packs a mean punch, I really like it.
So of course the first thing I did was take photos of the girls I got right before Chanukah. For those that don't remember, Tonks is a seal point siamese hairless dumbo while Blaise is a black blaze velveteen. Tonks is the bruxer and licker of the two. Blaise is a bit twitchy but still friendly.

This is Blaise. Full name; RRLM Blaise Zambini

This photo is blurry but still cute!

Blaise and Tonks


Tonks got her name from her pink skin. It took forever to figure out a name and it was staring me right in the face!

Pink! I don't like pink but pink rats rule

A very pink rat. Tonks isn't only pink, she's also fuzzy!

Ick, I'm looking at that cage and I know what I'm doing tomorrow! That's right; cleaning cages!
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