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Yesterday was busy. Mom and I went to the Citadell. The only reason I agreed was because there was a London Fog and I really wanted a coat. Well I was kinda depressed in there, their cuts are small around the boob area. I did find a coat though, I'll just have to lose a little weight. I also got a great hat, it's a rad hat, a cool hat! I love it ^_^
Mom also surprised me by getting me a nice soft's so damn soft!
Then we went to her places; Hanes, Jockey, and some kitchen place. I got jammy bottoms (pants and shorts) and some tanks.
After all that we picked up grandma and headed to dinner to meet my brother, his wife, and her grandmother. THe waiter, omg, he was cute. Elena (brother's wife) thinks he was flirting with me.  I was wearing my 'Voldemort Returns' shirt and he brought up the movie; asking if it was good and if I saw it. Elena kept hinting that I should ask to see it with him. It was embarassing.

Then we took grandma back to our place and I set up mom's laptop. I was dying to watch POA so I did. I now officially know 90% of the lines. After that I decided to see them as ickle children so I watched SS. I think I'm going to go catch GOF this week (Mo, you can see it with me in March on the dvd!)
I have a hair appointment this week to get my hair trimmed and dyed. I couldn't make up my mind on dark brown or red so I'm going a dark reddish brown. Then, next week, I'll get it permed.

Last night after the movies were over, I went to bed. I turned on my GOF soundtrack to fall asleep to. I fell asleep around 12:30 which is super early for me. Woke up at 7ish this morning and decided to sleep some more. Woke up again at 9:15 and made some coffee. Now, here I am ^_^

That's all for now.
Tags: family, harry potter, musings
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