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Nitwik! Blubber! Odment! Tweak!

Got a couple of dvd's, my mom's Chanukah present to me. I picked up dvd's last week and got the rest this week. I got Halloween (original) special edition, Tarzan (Disney), Atlantis (Disney, I love that movie), Coma, and JAWS special edition.

I went to the Disney Store and saw a pink Stitch. I don't like pink but pink!Stitch was adorable! THey also have a baby blue Stitch and the Mr. Scrooge I want so  very much. When my room is 100% clean my mom will get me the Mr. Scrooge. I had a Mr. Scrooge doll when I was a kid and this one looks just like it =D
I saw a Stitch keychain for $2 so I decided to get it.

Went to EB Games to inquire about Mario Land for Gameboy, they JUST had it but somebody bought it. So I'll just go on Amazon or Ebay and get it there. I can't believe I sold my Mario GB games ><
I inquired about the JAWS game, the Zelda game, and Kingdom Hearts 2. The companies all changed their release dates *headdesk*
I have two copies of Kingdom Hearts for my PS2 and neither of them work past Alice's planet. I dunno why, I'm thinking of trading in my PS2 for a different one (a PS2 but not the same one, ya know?) Maybe that'll help. Do any of you have any problems with your KH games?

I also picked up an old magazine with Dan 'Harry' Radcliffe on the cover that I didn't have. The photo is slightly different from what I've seen so it'll be going onto my corkboard =D

I think that's it for now.
This link is depressing, it's about a kitten born with one eye and no nose. Poor kitten ;_;

PS---I'm googling my celebrity crush right now, and I'm finding some photos that I haven't seen before! YAY!
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