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I am amused
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Also, are any of you as scared as me?

Okay, I'm reading a fanfiction..not a great one but it's okay. There's this paragraph that is behind the cut that put an image in my head. Soooo, I did a bit of photoshopping.

“I heard dad talking to mum last night and he said that he was going to accompany you all the way to Hogwart’s front doors.  He’s taking his responsibilities very seriously.  “said Ron who was lying lazily on his bed.

“You’re telling me.  I see him everywhere I go.  He’s trying to act all conspicuous, but it’s not working.  I noticed him following me to the bathroom the other day, the bathroom for Merlin’s sake.” said Harry, chuckling at the memory.  “What does he think is going to happen?  I highly doubt that Voldemort is going to pop out of the toilet and attack me.  He’d be too grossed out by all the poo.” 

It's so bad XD

Okay, I'm going to bed now.

Tags: fandom, ff, harry potter, random
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