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1. Sometimes when I laugh I slap my knee & say, "That's a knee slapper"
2. I still listen to Hanson
3. N'syncs "This I Promise You" is my favorite song
4. My room is always clean
5. Easter is my favorite holiday
6. I love country music
7. I was born on Friday the 13th
8. I am really good at crossword puzzles
9. I never curse
10. Stephen King is my favorite author   I do like his work though
11. I go to church every Sunday
12. I'm a health freak
13. When driven over railroad tracks I pick up my feet and make a wish   Wha?
14. I hate Christmas
15. I NEVER get the recommended 8 hours of sleep   I usually sleep too little or too much
16. I hate my job
17. I'm still in high school
18. I'm related to someone famous
19. When I order a salad, I get my dressing on the side  I like to put it on myself thank you very much
20. I hate Britney Spears
21. I own a "Spear Britney" T-Shirt
22. Passions is my favorite show  Never heard of it
23. I don't brush my teeth everyday
24. I'm not creative at all
25. I am very gullible
26. I never went to my senior prom
27. I watch reruns of Full House  
I don't know why I do, I don't like the show *shrugs*
28. I don't know who David Hasselhoff is
29. I hate coffee
30. I love raisins   They're ok
31. I have 2 brothers and 1 sister
32. I always take pictures
33. I love my handwriting   I used to but it got a bit sloppy from not practicing it enough
34. My favorite color is black
35. I don't have a favorite color   I have a FEW favorite colors
36. Most of my time is spent playing video games
37. I have the Backstreet Boy's new cd "Never Gone"
38. If the computer breaks, I know how to fix it   Depends on what's wrong with it
39. My favorite actor is Mel Gibson
40. I'd pick Hilary Duff over Lindsay Lohan any day   Neither one thanks
41. I hate small dogs   How can you hate a dog? I hate the fact that people find them to be fashion accesories (sp?)
42. Winter is my favorite season
43. I've never been drunk  
Tipsy yes, drunk no
44. I hate Punk music
45. "That's so Raven" is one of my favorite shows
46. Blue is my favorite color
47. I don't know what ROY G BIV stands for   I think I've heard that term somewhere
48. I've had my heart broken
49. I have posters of the opposite sex all over my bedroom walls On my corkboard, my wall posters are usually nature based. My corkboard has my HP obsession all over it ;)
50. I tell my parents "I love you" everyday
51. I love the smell of strawberry lip gloss
52. I don't know how to swim  
53. Smores Poptarts are my favorite  
I don't like poptarts too much but the S'mores ones are okay..I prefer toaster studels
54. I have never seen the movie Troop Beverly Hills
55. I am very easily distracted
56. I love the smell of nail polish   Omg that shit gives me a migraine (I cursed *gasp*)
57. I always get sunburn & I never tan
58. I have very strong self control
59. My family gets along very well
60. I'm colorblind
61. The Used is one of my favorite bands   Who?
62. I run everyday
63. Brown hair & blue eyes is my favorite combo on the opposite sex   Soooo close! Brown\black hair and green eyes!
64. I've never been to a concert
65. I prefer cats over dogs
66. 24 is my favorite number
67. I think Jessica Simpson is gorgeous
68. I love my body
69. I own a Mercedes Benz
70. I already know what my future job will be
71. I've failed a class in school
72. Math was my favorite subject in school   I loathe math
73. I'd rather use pens then pencils   The only time I use pencils is when I'm required and when I draw
74. I have tried pot
75. I can chew over 2 packs of gum in a day   I probably can but I've never done it
76. I prefer Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate   Honestly, that depends. Some days I would maim for dark chocolate and other days I prefer the sweet milky flavor of milk chocolate
77. I don't believe in God   I honestly don't know, I don't think I do
78. I'm a vegetarian
79. I don't have any tattoos
80. I don't have any piercings
81.Family Guy is one of my favorite shows
82. I'm finished with college
83. I have been or am married
84. I hate donuts
85. I've been hit on by someone older than 45   I don't like it, most of them are creepy :(
86. I always act my age
87. I haven't been in love yet
88. I'm happy Bush is our president
89. I don't believe gay marriage should be allowed
90. I have never dyed my hair
91. I have met someone famous
92. I can dance very well
93. If someone goes to hit me, I cower and try to protect my head with my hands   It's never happened but I'm sure that would be my reaction
94. I think the O.C is the best show  What is up with these surveys with the O.C.?
95. I would get up at 7:00 every morning just to watch Saved by the Bell    Heh, I remember that show :P
96. I waited in line at midnight for a Harry Potter book    For the last two books...why yes I am a geek
97. I have seen all of the Lord of the Rings movies & read the books
98. I have never seen Ferris Beuller's Day Off   That movie rules!
99. I believe that Michael Jackson is guilty   
100. I can do the moonwalk  
I do a crap job at it but I can do it ;)
101. I can curl my tongue
102. I fluently speak another language   Parsletongue! Errr...I wish somebody would make that a language like's a sexy language (Parsletongue, not Klingon)
103. I've been to another country
104. I'm a really good bowler
105. I know what Brucas or Naley means
106. I have gotten a reputation for being a slut or player
107. I consider myself to be boy or girl crazy
108. When I have pictures taken of myself, I usually like how they turn out
109. I consider myself to be very attractive
110. I hate the color pink   I don't hate it but I don't like it. Black and pink is a good combination though
111. I still try to catch Fireflies   We don't have any, I don't think I've even seen a firefly :(
112. If there was an award for most days absent from school, I would have got it   Back in high school
113. I always got the best attendance awards back in the day
114. I was home schooled
115. I've never broken a bone
116. I have no idea who Doug Pickett is
117. Rocky is my favorite movie   Never seen it, I don't like him
118. Superman is the best   Spiderman kthnx...but I do want to see the new movie
119. I don't take a shower everyday   At least every other day though
120. i HaTe WhEn PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs
121. hEy I tYpE LiKe ThAt
122. I am lactose and tolerant   Very mild...I guess I'm lactose wary
123. I have had my tonsils taken out   A month before dad died...I'm usually ok with pain but that was terrible!
124. I worry way too much
125. I hate New York
126. I have a six-pack   of root beer ;)
127. I have my own place
128. I never had Stuffed Crust Pizza
129. Black & White pictures are better than color ones   It depends on the subject
130. I once stepped on the gas when I meant to step on the brake
131. I make up words when I get angry
132. I'm an only child   Sometimes I wish that were the case
133. I hate reading   Foul words of evil begone, reading is my life!
134. Burger King is better than McDonalds   Depends...their whoppers rule but McDonald's has better fries (haven't been to either place since July; go me)
135. I know how to snowboard
136. I sing Christmas songs in the middle of summer   You don't have to be Christian to enjoy Christmas songs ^_^
137. I don't drink soda
138. I don't know how to cook or do my own laundry
139. Hot Topic is my favorite store
140. I have brown eyes
141. When I first saw Titanic, I laughed when Leo died
142. The Gap is my favorite store
143. Summer is my favorite season
144. I'm not allergic to anything
145. I had or have glasses or contacts   I need glasses and my eyesight has gotten so bad I'll probably need to wear contacts daily :\
146. I've been to a strip club
147. I have green eyes   I wish and that's my eyes *sigh*
148. I once went on a diet that lasted about an hour
149. Nirvana is my favorite band   They used to be
150. I would eat a bunch of spiders for a million dollars   Some cultures eat ants and other insects..I know spiders aren't insects but I was trying to make a point O_o
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