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Okay, so I made up my minds. Blaise will keep her name. The older black hairless will be named Zira while the younger siamese hairless will be Tonks. I was playing around with the name Tonks and everybody else recommended it because of the rat's pink skin (the character has pink hair). So, her name is RRLM Nymphadora Tonks...or just RRLM Tonks for short ;)
Tonks is my favorite of the three, she's like Fuzz and Isis all wrapped up in a pink fuzzy rat. She's outgoing and curious like Fuzz and she isn't afraid of the cats if she's in a comfortable location that she knows (my bed). She's mild like Isis, vibrating in my hand and boggling...just sitting there. A friend recommended I name her Dildo because of her vibrating ;p
SHe's boggling right now, right in my ear. I feel so honored.

Tags: my rats
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