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I have bungee Jumped.  It was off a platform at camp, not very thrilling ;o)
I have rock climbed.
I have sky dived.
I have eaten Sushi.   I can't stand the stuff
I have done drugs.
I have tried alcohol.
I have thought about being anorexic.   Years and years ago
I have cheated on a test.
I have cried over a guy.
I have cried over a friend.
I have had my first kiss.
I have played DDR.   What's DDR?
I have written lyrics to a song.
I have been to Six Flags.
I have been to the bahamas.
I have eaten animal toungue.   My dad loved tongue. I saw it cooked and you can see the taste buds! It also smells foul.
I have eaten animal stomache.
I have been on TV.
I have been in a movie.
I have more than 1 middle name. Debrah Leah ^_^
I watch American Idol.
I have been told that I never stop smiling.
I own the Jesse McCartney CD.
I haven't been sick this month.
I like Dollar General.
Shopping is dumb.
Money makes people happy.
I like the smell of permanent marker.   It gives me a migraine
I know all of the Britney Spears songs.
I like to eat and watch TV at the same time.
My face looks like this: =D.
I wear too many hair accessories
I get stressed out easy.
I am on medication.

I like oranges.
I have the hiccups.   I had them earlier today
I use a lot of abbreviations online.
I wear thongs.
Pink is my favorite color.
I have been in a hurricane.
I know a Melanie.
I wish too much.
I own Certain Dri.
I get pizza delivered to my house a lot.   Nope, my mom brings it home because she goes to the local kosher pizza joint with friends.
I work.
I think about strange things.
I own something with rainbow on it.
I had spaghetti sometime this week.

I have never ridden in a airplane.
I sing in the shower.
I like to take bubble baths.
Long nails are scary.
My car has neon lights.   I want a car
I feel cute right now.
I don't live in a community.   What, like a gated community? Los Angeles is a community so I guess I do!
My bus driver is a woman.
I don't hate anyone.
I am very optimistic.
I have a security system in my house.
I have had shin splints before.
I have gone out of country for a camp before.
Candles are all over my house.   Scented candles
The lights are on in the room I am in.
I watch Sports Center.
I have a Hallmark card.
I sew.
I suck at cooking yet still do it.
Yellowcard is a good band.   Who?
I bought the ClickFive CD.   Please see above
Personality tests are fun to take.
I go invisible online a lot.

I am always thinking about the future.
I saw "Wedding Crashers" in theaters.
Lindsay Lohan is a good actress.
My head itches
.   I didn't rinse my hair out enough :(
I can't go anywhere without my phone.
My friends think they're better than me.   I think my friends are better then me a lot of them time
I think I'm better than my friends.
Everything happens for a reason.
I have lied today.
Tan is the color of my house.
I draw hearts a lot.
Too many people ask me for rides.
Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.
I like mint chocolate chip ice cream.
Praying mantis' are cool looking.
I keep a lot of things private.
My birthday is within the next month.
I have had a song played just for me.
I have been white water rafting.

I have never kissed a guy.   Only during kids games *sigh*
It is earlier than 8 in the morning.   It's 1:30 in the morning!
I listen to Relient K.   Who!?
I have an indoor job.
I have a digital camera.

Another survey!

I'm a girl
My name begins with the letter M
I have a best friend
I consider myself unpopular
I'm a big flirt
I'm in 8th grade
I live in Pennsylvania
I have a wonderful boyfriend
I have many enemies
I'm an angry person
I'm part of the hardcore scence
I hate rap music
I have a lot of guyfriends
I'm a cheerleader
I play soccer   football!!! Sometimes I do :)
I love summer vacation   But I prefer winter vacation
I'm very preppy
I hate country music
I got to church every weekend
I'm completely devoted to my religion   
I live in a small house
I am currently crushing on somebody
My heart is broken right now
I also have a myspace   I don't use it though
My school has a lot of drama
Rumors spread very fast in my school
I consider myself the life of the party
I have over 100 friends
I own a cell phone
I have a little sister
I have an older brother
I'm spoiled   I was
All my grandparents are still alive
I'm arachnophobic
I know how to drive
I like to go to camp over the summer
I've failed a grade   Not recently
I'm a straight A student
I'm bisexual   I'm open minded but I'm most likely straight
I hate people who hate emos   I could care less
I've had more than 10 boyfriends
I cry a lot
I'm a cutter
I'm a suicidal
My favorite sode is Mountain Dew
I love chocolate
I own a dog
I own a cat

Oprah is my idol
I've been to a foreign country   Canada and Mexico
I think John Kerry should have won the election (I didn't like him)
I'm in a band
I can write really good petry and songs
I own a pair of converse
My room is covered in posters
I've been to a pool party
I've been out past my curfew

I've gone too far with a guy
I plan on getting married
I plan on having kids
I weigh less than 200 pounds
I consider myself skinny
The mall is my home
I shop at stores like Hot Topic
I live in one story house
I live in Texas
My favorite football team are the Steelers   Manchester United :]
My favorite basketball team are the lakers   When I was into basketball I did like the Lakers. Now I don't really care
I attend a highschool thats really hard to get into
I have no problems with gay people
I believe in God
I hate watching the news on TV
My favorite book series is Harry Potter   At the moment ;)
I take the bus home from school
I like green eyes in guys
I like skater/emo guys
I have a lip ring
I have a tattoo
I love to dance   Only when alone
I've been on stage before
I wear mini skirts a lot
I'm cute

Another bolding survey!

i have a lot of stuffed animals
actually, i collect them
i collect weird things
i use zit cream
i love chocolate
i don't watch MTV ever  
I watched MTV until 97'
the person who bolded that last one must be boring
my family pisses me off
my siblings piss me off
i'm in love right now
i buy expensive things a lot
i'm possible the only person on the planet who does not own an MP3 player   Er, is an iPod considered an MP3 player? I don't have a MP3 player but many people don't!
i read tabloids shamelessly   I used to! Weekly World News and Sun are hilarious and I'll pick them up once in awhile
i love sending e-cards
i hate my screenname
i would change my xanga username but i don't want to lose all my stuff   Don't have Xanga
i talk to myself
i'm a tad obsessed with hand sanitizer
i eat granola bars but i'm not a hippie   That's such a stereotype
i eat granola bars and i am a hippie   chocolate chip granola bars!
don't stereotype me
stereotype me. whatever you like.
i wear jelly bracelets.
i used to wear jelly bracelets.   What are those? Are they those message rubber bracelets? I have two, one for 'No Bush 04' and one I got July 16th
when i grow up, i'm determined to be famous
i'd rather be infamous than famous
i've stolen something   When I was a wee lass
i've tried eaten something, and then spit it right back out
that's nasty
i worry about the future
i can't get over the past
i wish i could stop stressing
the weather channel is awesome   So are weather books
i saw hurricane katrina firsthand
my thumb is shorter than my ear is tall   It's about even
red lipstick is hot
i have the hiccups
i can recite the gettysburg address from heart
i love IMing   It's ok, I really only chat online with two people
i have at least 200 buddies on my buddy list
i do crossword puzzles to pass the time   Not to pass the time, but I do enjoy them
i'm always looking for something
my parents dont know about my tattoo
i read nonfiction books the most
i love little necklaces   I do like necklaces but I don't love them
next time i get my hair cut i'm getting a bob   The last time I did that I looked like John Goodman :x
sienna miller has great clothes
old people kind of scare me sometimes
i have visited asia
holiday shopping sucks   Going to stores right after the holidays also sucks
this survey wasn't long enough!


 i'm older than 15
my birthday is in the summer

my parents are still together My dad is dead, but they were still married when he passed away
i'm younger than 15
i love going to school
i actually hate one of my own friends
i'm in high school
i have a job   I'm looking
i have a boyfriend/girlfriend
i love orange juice
i think i'm ugly   Not at the moment
i have a lip ring
i love to dance   When I'm alone
i hate people of my own sex
i am lactose intolerant   I think I'm slightly lactose intolerant if that's possible. I can have dairy but it gives me stomach cramps every time. I still eat it though cause it's tasty
i am a virgin
i am not a virgin
i love to sing
i can bake
i believe in ghosts   I honestly don't know
i am scared of the dark
i believe in astrology
i am in love with love
i know how to shoot a gun
i am really ticklish
i laugh a lot

i am clinically depressed

i have run away from home
i've shoplifted   I was a young bratty tween
i've gotten arrested
i have lied to my parents about something big
i have gone behind my parent's back & gotten a tattoo/piercing 
i have sworn at a teacher/parent   My dad when I was like 10..I still regret it. I hate swearing at authority figures
i have dated someone behind my parent's back
i have been suspended
i have been expelled
i have snuck out of the house
i've cheated on a test
i've gotten a ticket
i've driven & don't have my license yet   Haha, I had a permit! You need to be specifit ^_~
i've gotten in a fist fight
i've witnessed a crime

drinking & drugs
i have consumed alcohol
i drink a lot
i have gotten drunk at a family party  tipsy
i have been drunk
i've done drugs
i have been taken advantage of because i was high/drunk
i have passed out in a bar from being drunk in the past 6 months
i have done inhalents

political beliefs & social attitudes
i am religious
i dress modestly
i don't give a care about religion
i am not modest
i am a republican
i am a democrat
i am not involved with politics
i love george bush
i hate him
i think it's ok to cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend
i think having piercings other than one in each earlobe is barbaric and immoral
i have a tattoo
i am against people who have tattoos
i don't like tattoos

Movie Survey
(bold the ones you've seen)

the notebook
donnie darko
garden state
moulin rouge
school of rock
edward scissorhands
ten things i hate about you
not another teen movie
american pie

get rich or die tryin
a christmas story
a lot like love
legally blonde
must love dogs
the island
house of wax
the pianist
dukes of hazzard  
a cinderella story
the longest yard
breakfast at tiffany's
finding nemo

bad news bears
the godfather
american beauty

napolean dynamite
the matrix   Only the original
million dollar baby
wicker park
the ring
the honeymooners
the breakfast club
i know what you did last summer
diary of a mad black woman
fifty first dates

dark water

Your Past Experiences 

broken a bone
wrote a love letter 
sent that love letter 
gotten married
had a child
made a movie   It was titled "Hamlet: The Amazing Licky Rat"
made an "adult" movie
recorded a song
wrote a song
been in a wedding   bridesmaid
bought a grossly expensive handbag
been in a fashion magazine
burned something to ashes
accidentally blew something up
got stuck in a rollercoaster
dyed my hair
dyed someone else's hair
kissed underwater
wrote a poem
cussed out a random person   a terrible ratty mama two years ago online
proposed to someone
had a one-night stand
stole something
stole something i could never afford
earned $500 or more in a day
pierced something myself
painted a beautiful picture
had cybersex
got lost in the woods
recieved a death threat  Also was threatened with the FBI ;p
got egged

Bold all that apply
01. I love listening to Elvis.   I don't love listening to him, but I do his music
02. I'm eat peanut butter and jelly daily.   wow, bad grammar! I used to heat pb&j everyday
03. I would die without my computer.   THat's just sad. I would go through withdrawls but I wouldn't DIE
04. I am a good kisser.
05. I perfer dinner and a movie over any other first date.
06. I eat my ravilii with a spoon.
07. I think Keith Urban is the hottest guy alive.   Who?
08. I'm a sucker for a guy with shaggy hair.
09. I am very patriotic.
10. I am very religious.
11. I wish on stars.
12. I eat toast with jelly.  
I prefer toast and creamcheese though
13. Windows Media player is my default music player.   iTunes
14. I have over 50 cds.
15. I have curtains that match my bed.
16. My bedroom door is white.    The inside is an offwhite bluish and the outside is red to match the hall
17. I dance to music when I get ready for school.
18. I get cold really easlially.   My hands get cold easily
19. My cell phone is silver.   and black
20. My parents are divorced.
21. I have bangs.
22. My finger nails are colored pink.
23. I love the way I draw hearts.
24. I have some one to call my own\
25. The best thing about my pysical apearence is my eyes.
26. I text faster than I can write.
27. I drink starbucks daily.   Ick! I prefer Coffee Bean ^_~
28. I've seen every Disney clasic.
30. I listen to country music.   I listen to a few country songs
31. I've been to more that 5 concerts.
32. If I could only have one makeup product it would be black eyeliner.
33. I've lost friends due to highschool drama.
34. I have to dip my cookies in milk before I eat them.   Honestly, it depends on my mood
35. I love the 80's!
36. I want a fairytale story to tell.
37. I have green eyes.   I wish! I do have green contacts though
38. I match my undergarments together, and then match those to my outfit.
39. If I could be a crayon I would be yellow.
40. I have to blare my music or else I won't sing along.
41. Sharpies are the best pen/marker since like... ever!   Marker, for pens I prefer Bic
42. I've seen over 5 musicals.
43. I plan to join the circus when I'm old enough.
44. I collect beanie babies.
45. My tennis shoes are white with some other color.
46. I like techno music.
47. I wear more than 3 accesories everyday.
48. I love to to skateboard.
49. Summer is my favorite season.
50. I plan to go all around the world before I die.

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