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I just finished watching The Lion King, man that movie never gets old. I, of course, cried during certain parts. I always cry during those parts!
Anyway, there's a rumor that Alan Rickman won't be in the next Harry Potter movies. I dunno if that's true but if it does, it sucks. I could never think of who could pull of Snape. The raising of the eyebrows, the sneer, the silky and greasy voice. I thought that only Rickman could pull him off. Well, I was watching LK and saw Scar. I said "hey, if they do replace Rickman, Jeremy Irons is an ok replacement"
He has a great voice and he can do the raising of the eyebrow. Yes, if they replace Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons would be a great replacement. I still adore Rickman as Snape though.
Thoughts from my fellow fandom friends?
Tags: disney, fandom, harry potter
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