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Ain't no passing craze

//currently reading: non-fiction; Extreme Weather: A Guide and Record Book. Fiction; Terminal by Robin Cook (for the third time)
//currently listening to: King of Pride Rock from the Lion King soundtrack
//currently writing: This
//currently watching: nothing, but I did watch some behind the scenes stuff from LK...the music
//currently wishing: that I can find my camera charger
//currently wanting: to roll in the snow
//currently crushing on: Dan Radcliffe (see icon!)
//currently in [what room are you in]: my bedroom
//currently wearing: black loose pants, a jersey tank, and a black shirt with yellow cat eyes (I've been using tanks as bras lately)

[What's to your...]
//whats to your right?: a computer speaker, my blank cds, Hamlet's urn, Olivia's urn, my camera, a wall plaque, and an empty Dr. Pepper can
//whats to your left?: tangerines, my 365 HP desk calender, a surge protector, my all-in-one printer, and the candle burner (and to the far left are the rat cages)
//whats in front of you?: Monitor, keyboard, mouse, mouse pad, computer tower, main computer speaker
//whats behind you?: bed, The Abyss

//favorite book[s]: HP::OoTP, Jaws, Beast, my fancy Cryptozoology book, among others. I have many favorite books ;P
//favorite song[s]: Circle of Life (movie version), Sunday Bloody Sunday (U2), honestly; I have way too many 'favorite' songs to list
//favorite artist[s]: Dali, Da Vinci, Wyland
//favorite writer[s]: JK Rowling, Micheal Crichton, Peter Benchley, James Rollins
//favorite food[s]: tangerines (seedless), PB&J (come on, it's classic!), hamburger made just right, chocolate mint Girl Scout cookies (what are they called again?)
//favorite color[s]: emerald, silver, royal purple, royal blue (morning glory blue)
//favorite subject in school: science and latin when I had it
//favorite room in your house: living room :]
//favorite place to be: on vacation!
//favorite movie[s]: The Lion King, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Jurassic Park. Again, I have SO many favorite movies.
//favorite tv show[s]: I don't watch any of today's shows (I wait for Family Guy and South Park to be released to dvd). Anyway, old simpsons, X Files up to season 7, Boston Public (did any of you watch that? It was cancelled!), Futurama, educational shows, Ren and Stimpy, old Simpsons (up to season 10). I love old shows :]
//favorite store[s]: BestBuy, EB Games, Game Stop (my favorite stores back in the day either don't exist or only have good stuff online)
/favorite clothing brands[s]: Erm...whatever fits and looks ok. I like London Fog, Lane Bryant, and ColdCreek 

[Love Life]
//boyfriend/girlfriend?: sadly no
//if so, how long?: bah
//if not, do you want one?: yes
//who do you like?: Personally? I don't really know any guys that I like.
//have you ever told anyone [other than family members] you loved them?: Yes; Monsie! (a friendly love;)
//did you mean it?: Of course, she's my home girl (I'm in a strange mood)
//how many guys have you kissed?: ....5 (spin the bottle and I got kissed on my graduation by Dustin, David, Pedro, and Daniel)
//how many girls have you kissed?: *thinks* none? Just on the cheek and I assume this means the lips
//how many guys have you dated?: 1 and only for a week. We decided that it would be best if we were friends
//how many girls have you dated?: 0
//what do you look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend? [physically]: nice dark hair I can run my hands through (buzz cuts don't cut it!), nice bright eyes (green and blue are my favorites), nice lips, nice nose, nice upper arms, thighs, arse! Of course, this is physical attraction ;P
//what do you look for in a boyfriend or girlfriend? [personality]: Slightly old fashioned but modern at the same time (strange huh?), has a sense of humur, passionate about his interests, open minded, chivalry
//longest relationship?: 1 week
//shortest relationship?: 1 week

[Have You Ever...]
//had sex?: No
//given oral sex?: No
//recieved oral sex?: No
//drank alcohol?: Yes
//smoked?: No and I never will

[Do You...]
//drink alcohol?: Yessum
//smoke?: No
//watch porn?: I used to
//do drugs?: just my prescription drugs and headache medication
//self-harm?: I guess over eating is self harm so yes

[Your Bed]
//size: queen
//sheets: At the moment I don't have sheets but they are usually light blue (need to get some green ones)
//how many pillows: 4 and I use two and a half
//stuffed animals: yes; my Stitch, okapi, velociraptor,  and great white shark

[Odds n Ends]
//Obsessions: Harry Potter, fan fiction. Also if I get into something I start to obsess for a few weeks
//bad habits: I play with my hair and when I'm stressed I pull it out. I also pick my nail :\
//weird fact about yourself: I used to play with Lion King toys with my friend. At one point we were obcessed with Nirvana and would role play with those toys (when not regular LK role play games). Example; the Zazu toy would be Dave Grohl and I played him XD
//what kind of music are you into?: most kinds
//best concert: Hmm, well I've been to classical performances, opera, and other types of performances but for ROCK concerts it's U2

[This or That]
//summer or winter: winter
//spring or fall: fall
//summer or fall: fall
//winter or spring: winter
//clean or dirty: depends on what we're talking about
//night or day: night
//rain or shine: rain
//grass or pavement: Grass
//radio or cds: CDs
//vhs or dvd: dvd
//board games or computer games: board games
//light or dark: dark
//movies or mall: movies
//football or hockey: football if you are talking about real football (soccar for us lame Americans). If you are talking about American Football then I would go with hockey
//hockey or lacrosse: lacrosse

[What do you think when you hear...]
//metallica: a band with only a few good songs (I saw them!)
//britney spears: annoying
//christina aguilera: wears way too much makeup and she sucks worse then Spears
//kiss: me underneath the milky twilight :P
//queen: Wayne's World XD
//good charlotte: never heard them
//simple plan: who?
//thursday: The day before Friday
//bright eyes: green eyes!
//bad religion: a fairly good group
//bad company: meh
//scorpions: pretty neat arachnids
//journey: Chance, Shadow, and Sassy (ten points for those that tell me what I'm talking about)
//otown: I hate rap (that's a rap group right?)
//backstreet boys: ick

[In Your Own Words]
//your life motto: If you don't free the muffins who will?

//favorite quote: lots
//favorite lyric: lots
//favorite oxymoron: honest lawyer; J\k (my dad was a lawyer and very honest). Ok seriously; bittersweet

[Personal Hygiene]
//do you shower every day?: nope
//what toothpaste do you use?: Crest
//do you floss?: sometimes
//mouthwash?: nope, I should
//deoderant?: yep
//shampoo?: yep
//conditioner?: yep
//body wash?: Dial soap
//face wash?: Mary Kay when I do use it (rarely)

//foundation?: I sometimes use it
//powder?: nope
//eyeliner?: no
//mascara?: no, my lashes are thick and long. Lucky me ^_^
//eyeshadow?: once in a blue moon
//lipstick or lipgloss?: lipstick but hardly ever

//shaving or waxing?: I prefer waxing but I shave more since it's easier :\
//tweezing or waxing?: waxing
//barber or salon?: Salon
//straigtening or curling?: I have wavy hair and I like to curl it a bit. It looks too limp when it's perfectly straight

//hair color: dark brown naturally
//eye color: hazel
//skin color: peach in some parts and milky white in others
//nail color: natural; pink
//height: 5'8"
//weight: O_O
//build: fat :(

[How Often Do You...]
//go shopping?: once every other week (not clothes shopping, ick)
//go to the movies?: rarely, but I'm seeing a movie sometime next week
//go out for dinner?: at least once a week
//clean: eek, barely
//exercise: not as much as I should
//watch tv: I hardly watch tv anymore...and it's usually the news or the educational stations
//read: all the time
//go online: too much
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