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1. What is your default icon?

2. How long have you been using your default icon?
I had it for most of December and then changed it around the 23rd. I put the default icon back on around the 30th

3. Why did you select that icon as your default?
It's my favorite picture of this person

4. What is your oldest icon in use?

5. What is your newest icon in use?
I uploaded them at the same time :]

6. What is your favorite icon you're using that someone else made?
Oh, that's hard! Wel...I have a few favorites but I've always had a soft spot for this one;

7. What is your favorite icon that you're using that you made?
Well...I like a few of my icons but...
This one is nice :)

8. How many icons do you have?
At the moment I have 81 icons

9. Do you switch icons often, or do you pretty much keep the same ones forever?
Now that I have an option for 100 icons, I'll be keeping them. Back when I had 15, I would keep them for months then change half of them

10. What is your favorite icon style (show an icon of yours in your preferred style)?
Hrm....I like still icons with a little animation in

this one.
I also like icons that are mostly black and white but with a tiny bit of color. Example;

11. Who is your favorite iconmaker?
I have a few. I adore digitaljazz100o , pocket_icons , lidi , and literati


What is your name? Sara

What is your username on livejournal? Scaredykatratz

What are the security settings on your posts? mostly public

How long have you had an account?

What type of account do you have? Paid account


Do you have moderate a community on livejournal? yessum

What is your community's name?
Well, I created rattie_adoption and helped create rattielovers
I help manage rattielovers with some other people. I also appear to be a moderator of colormerattie and big_dogs

What kind of community is it? All but big_dogs relates to rats. big_dogs has to do with large breed dogs.

How long have you been moderating this community? Ack...2004 and 2005 depending on the community.

Do you have a cool banner? For the communities or my journal? I have a banner for my journal...well it's a banner for my rattery that's IN my userinfo

Made by the lovely yodallama


On livejournal, how many mutual friends do you have? umm...53

Are you in any communities [besides surveys and your own if you have any]? Yeah, alot but only a handful show up on my friends list.

What are the communities you regularly post in? Hrmm.....I haven't really gone and posted in any communities lately but I'm a regular of rattielovers, ratties, hd_icons, hpicons. I used to regular other communities but those are the ones I read all the time now.

Do you get many comments in your personal journal? Not as many as I used to but there's a select few lj buddies that wuuuuuv me ^_^

Do you post often? More then twice a day at least.

Are you obsessed with livejournal? a little but not so much now as I was in the middle of 2005

Tags: memes quizzes and surveys
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