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I did this on Microsoft Word but it didn't stay highlighted so I have to do it again! Also, my room smells like garlic and it's highly annoying. The rats are happy though, they got shrimp salad from an Italian restraunt.

1. I am still a child at heart. Well, that's hard actually. I'm kinda old at heart; very old fashioned. However, I love cartoons, I love snow, etc. So I guess I'm an old person with a young heart? O_o
2. I can't stand children. I can stand SOME kids, but most of them make we want to string their parents up by their armpit hair.
3. In fact, if I babysat a kid, it would kill itself somehow.
4. Or I would kill it first.
5. I can ski backwards.
6. I think skiing is for retards. I think skiing is nice
7. Marko!
8. Llamas make me smile.
9. Emo boys make my knees wobble.
10. I have a web cam. but it isn't hooked up ^_^
11. I have touched a wall that said 'Wet paint'.
12. I have been called a moron before.
13. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is an amazing movie.
15. Transvestites are cool. got nothing against them
16. Most of my friends hate Bush, but I have no opinion on him. Politics bore me.
17. Most of my friends like Bush, but I have no opinion on him. Politics bore me.
18. I scream if people don't listen to me.
19. I can speak Italian fluently.
21. Photography is awesome.
22. Narrow minded people drive me insane.

23. So insane, I want to get a gun.
24. I know who Edward Scissorhands really is.
25. The 80's was so much better then the 90's. Depends on my mood
26. Pop music is high school drop-outs who thought it was too hard. Not going there!
27. Like Christina Aguileira.
28. The Super bowl half time show has been way too hyped.
29. I'm online a lot. I have no life.
30. Fox Family sounds better then ABC Family. They both suck.
31. I'm an angry gumball.
32. Arrrr, I'm a pirate.
33. Lord of the Rings pride.
35. Love at first sight is real. Lust at first site is real. Work for love!
36. Or you just need a better prescription.
37. My dentist thinks he is Donald Duck. That would be cool!
38. Math is fun.
39. So fun, I think of cleaning.
40. The floor of my room is hidden.
41. Not just by clothes.

42. 867-5309 anyone? Wha? O_o
43. Johnny, I still love you! Depp?
44. You need a pimp.
45. When I saw the preview for Euro Trip in the theatres, I laughed the loudest.
46. The preview was before seeing 'The Perfect Score'.
47. Crabs and dragons look a lot alike.
48. I know when someone says 'Bumble', they are not talking about a bee!
49. I have swallowed a bee before.
50. When I was six, I shoved a bead up my nose.
51. ..They spent hours with pepper trying to get it out.
52. Two words : It hurt.
53. I have a fetish for Bowling for Soup.
54. But now it is gone.
55. I believe in Valentine's Day
56. I also believe in all those other commercial holidays.
57. Chocolate chip cookies should only be drank with milk.
58. I consider my cousin like the good sibling I never had.
My cousin Ben, he rules!
59. Hoodies are way too expensive now.
60. I say we mob against it.
61. Pretty boys make me squeal. What, not squee?
62. Hell, they make me more then just squeal.
63. Scrawny boys are hawt. Not scrawny; lithe
64. Red heads are sexy. Some of them are and female redheads are gorgous :)
65. Nicole Kidman is amazingly beautiful.
66. People who say they hate MTV go to bed before ten o clock. I hate MTV and it's 1:30am!
67. I have been smacked with a chair.
68. Tylenol PM really doesn’t help you go to sleep. It more or less keeps you up. I wouldn't know
69. I laughed when I looked at this number.
70. Ranting is awesome. Well, it helps me calm down
71. The Food Network Channel is a god. Nooo, but I do enjoy it!
72. I heard that in third world countries, that is like a porn channel.
73. Speaking of porn, I have watched it before.
74. I have been called a tease.
75. Though I am quite sure it was sarcasm.
76. Religion is one of my classes.
77. I have read the entire Georgia Nicholson series [Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging]
78. It never gets old.
79. In fact, I still wet my pants laughing.
80. I can sew.
81. Country music is for middle-aged men who have lost their dog.
82. Well, I lost my dog too, but I don't sing about it.
83. I like it on all fours.. O_O
84. In elementary school, I made a crab mobile.
85. In fact, it is staring at me right now.. AH! O_O
86. One (or more) of my friends live far away.
87. It sucks badly.

88. Though the 'Milkshake' song is getting old fast, I still like it.
89. .. Because we all know my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard!
90. I have made at least three different versions of the 'Milkshake' song.
91. Procrastination always gets the best of me.
92. My future husband consists of a TV star. Movie star ;)
93. Along with every other girl who saw Chad Michael Murray only wearing two basketballs. What?
94. I know sign-language.
95. I can spell the word 'possum' right all the time.
96. Poking yourself in the eye with a mascara brush sucks. Don't wear it
97. I cried in Bambi. I still cry!
98. No, wait, I cried in the Care Bear's movie. I don't anymore
99. I love Jenny.
100. I want more of these numbers!
101. I'm in a relationship.
102. I can't eat sugar.
103. I am in love.
104. I think Bush is an awesome president.
105. I think gay marriage should be approved
106. I enjoy playing my music loud.
Depends on the music
107. I like to decorate stuff.
108. I love the color silver.
109. I have too much free time
110. I LOVE hugs & kisses.
111. I like to take pictures.
112. I am a blonde.
113. I love Vanilla Coke.
114. My parents are divorced.
115. I get amused easily.
116. I hate my sibling(s).

117. I love all my friends to death. Not to death, that would be creepy
118. I have been to the Bahamas at least once.
119. I love Aladdin.
120. I am afraid of losing loved ones.
121. When I get home, usually the first thing I do is get on the computer.
122. I need to apply myself more.

123. I need more sleep.
124. I like to write poetry.
125. Hypocrites make me so mad, even though I can be one.
126. I wish I could ride a motorcycle.
127. I don't like chocolate much.
128. I have weird dreams. Last night I dreamt I was herding cattle while riding Buckbeak. Then Dubya came and said "Sara, I have seen the light! I will resign!"
129. I don't have a shower.
130. I love to swim.
131. I'm scared of changes.
133. I don't do extracurricular activities.
134. I'm too lazy!

135. I am an atheist.
136. I tend to hate (dislike) jerks.
137. I'd rather have a small group of close friends than a large group of friends that I didn't know all that well.
138. I'm easily hurt.
139. I'm an Internet nut.
140. I am pretty self-conscious in new or unusual social settings.

141. I like finding classic clothing pieces and putting them together for a fun look.
142. I want to be a mommy. I am a mommy! To furry creatures!
143. I love X-acto knives.
144. I want a parrot. Cockatiels are parrots right? I'd like another one someday :)
145. I like to do graphic design
146. I like surveys that actually help you learn more about people.
147. I like meeting people.
148. I am a good musician.
149. I enjoy singing in choir settings.
150. I want to record an album.
151. I love German. I do enjoy the language :)
152. I'm getting over a cold.
153. I'm obsessed with Europe.
154. I'm trying to convince my parents to trade in my car for a Saturn.
155. I rarely put in a CD to listen to. iTunes rules!
156. I am obsessed with independent music.
157. I enjoy composing music, although I'm not very good.
158. I've had surgery on my nose.
159. I want to dye my hair, but can't because of work.
160. I love my mom.
161. I'm completely in love with Matthew. Who's Matthew!?
162. I'm looking for a school to transfer to.
163. I can't sew.
164. My favorite food is steak and cheese.
165. I collect postcards.
166. I love cheese.
167. I graduate(d) in spring 2005.
168. I am going to start doing the church bulletin.
169. I would enjoy a vacation to someplace warm. and cold, just to go on a vacation!
170. I like to shop.
171. I think I have changed a lot throughout my life.
178. I go to choir practice every Wednesday.
179. I need to exercise more.
180. I wish I had more graphic design talent.
181. I take guitar lessons. used to
182. I read
183. I need more time.
184. I love sleep.
185. I love to eat.
186. I want to live overseas
. I want to live in England or Scotland
187. I want my children to be highly involved in music.
188. I like office chairs.
189. I avoid calls from my work.
190. I couldn't live without my Game Boy Advance SP.
191. I love DDR. What?
192. I always have chapped lips because I lose my chap stick.
193. I have a scar on my lip. You can't see it though
194. I love finding out that people read what I write.
195. I have a cool backpack.
It's fairly nifty
196. I am very protective of my friends.
197. I'm going to learn how to carve spoons.
198. I have been to Canada.
199. I love New Found Glory.
200. I have seen Gothika.
201. I am wearing Nail Polish.
202. I was born in March.
203. I hate school.
204. I am a Gemini.
205. I like black.

206. I share a room with someone
207. I have a cell phone.
208. I play an instrument.

209. I play basketball.
210. I love to dance.
211. I like to sing
. When I'm alone
212. I like the color of healthy grass.
213. Winter sucks.
214. I need a job.
215. I hate (dislike) stupid bitches.
216. I dance. A lot.
217. None of my body is double jointed.
218. I stay up late.

219. Watching young people get physically hurt by accident (ex. tripping, slipping) makes me laugh.
220. I love the beach. I like rocky beaches with shells, not the beaches near me!
221. I've only had Chinese food twice.
222. Jumping on bubble wrap is a favorite pastime of mine. No, but I do like to pop it!
223. Harry Potter is excellent.
224. I miss my long hair, even though I seem to look much better without it.
225. I get poison ivy all the time. How can you get poison ivy?
226. I sometimes make up ridiculous songs with my friends.
227. I love pajama pants.
228. I am attracted to boys with shaggy or curly hair.
Shaggy hair!
229. I have a tattoo.
230. I hate crying in public.
231. I want to visit Las Vegas.
232. I love music.
233. I could spend the rest of my life reading.

234. Strawberries are awesome.
235. I love Harry Potter.
236. My friends are neat people.
237 I would like to visit New Mexico.
238. Pets rule too.

239. I dislike prejudice.
240. I hate hearing ignorant people talk.
241. The internet clears my boredom.
242. I play lots of video games.
Used to, now I play a healthy amount
243. I like to read past xanga entries.
244. I am quiet sometimes.
245. I love 80's teen movies.
246. I love my friends.

247. 'I Love the 80's' was a very informative show.
248. I think stripes are spiffy.
249. My dad has a secret fan club which consists of most my female friends.
250. I do a lot of surveys.
251. I am strange.
252. Vegetables are gross.
I do enjoy carrots and potatoes though
253. I wish people knew just how much they meant to me.
254. Kissing is a very strange (but delightful) concept.

255. Justin Timberlake roolz.
256. People should stop saying, "I'll be there" if they know they can't.
257. I hate being sick.
258. I really like chocolate.
259. I like looking at photography.
260. I enjoy watching and listening to lightning storms.

261. I apparently do not get enough sleep.
262. The smell of Subway sandwiches makes me want to vomit.
263. I love clothes.
264. I hated elementary school.
265. I am mature enough to be immature at the right time.
266. TV rots your brain. Most of today's TV shows rot your brain...reality shows for example. The only reality show on tv is the news!
267. Valentine's Day is a pointless holiday. No, not pointless but lovers should show their appreciation every day..not just the 14th
268. Adoption is awesome!
269. I wish I hung out with all my friends, more.
270. Nice people are under appreciated.

271. School is one big joke.
272. I love Hershey's Kisses They used to be good but I don't really like Hershey's tastes funny
273. Morons are sometimes entertaining.
274. My friends are very interesting. Friends that kidnap a singing reindeer must have other fun stories to tell ;P
275. J.Lo is totally hott. *gags*
276. Cartoons annoy me, but animated sitcoms are alright sometimes. Cartoons rule! Animated sitcoms also rule!
277. Comfortable can still look good.
278. My hair is fried.
279. I have volunteered at an animal shelter.
280. You can't spell.
281. Grilled cheese = best ever. Not the best, but very enjoyable
282. Pirates are sexy for the most part.
283. Cover bands are annoying.
284. I don't like wearing shoes.
285. I never make New Year's resolutions.
286. Chocolates are so yummy.
287. I wish this town didn't suck.
288. My friends say I'm crazy. In a good way...right?
289. Sometimes I think it would be fun to be shipwrecked on an island.
290. I space out a lot.
291. I am a big klutz some of the time.
292. Sometimes i wish my brain would just shut up.

293. I wish people would stop saying our generation is "going nowhere."
294. I am a very big procrastinator.
295. I want to live in a big city. I DO live in a big city and sometimes it sucks
296. I am picky about my hair.
297. I am silly.
298. I gave and received many excellent Chanukah\Christmas presents.
299. Small talk bothers me.
300. I own a mood ring that only turns about 3 different colors.

301. I love lip gloss.
302. I throw like a girl.
303. My family is extremely dysfunctional.
304. I hate shopping.
Unless it's at an entertainment or book store :)
305. I hate art.
306. I was once electrical-taped to a big tree.
307. My skin is really dry in the winter.
308. I am a bit too blunt sometimes.
309. I want to attend college out of state.
310. I love smoking and driving.
311. Don't drink and drive.
312. I don't understand internet communities.
313. I like people for their brains.
314. I've been with my boyfriend for over a year
315. I still watch cartoons.
316. I've never seen The O.C.
And never will
317. I love almost all music.
318. I want a tattoo.
319. I wear glasses.

320. But mostly to read the blackboard and drive.
321. I want more piercings.
322. But I can't ever get any more.
323. I love to watch the rain.
324. I like to walk in the dark at night with someone special and talk.

325. I didn’t believe in true love when i was younger.
326. I am a pretty cynical person sometimes.
327. Sometimes I cry for no damn reason.
328. I cry about stupid things.
329. I hate being walked all over and treated like crap.
330. It annoys me when people try to tell me how I am, and what I like.
331. I love music.

332. I am not sure if I believe in God. But I think I believe in a higher power.
333. I often feel alone.
334. I'm a sometimes a loud person.

335. A boy shattered my heart into a million pieces.
336. I get depressed sometimes.
337. I hate it when people criticize me for what I like.

338. I crack my knuckles, wrists, ankles, back, etc.
339. I fidget with anything when I'm nervous.
340. I'm a weird person

341. I consider myself pretty unique
342. My eyes are brown.
343. Listening to music usually helps my mood.
344. I am a disappointment to myself.
345. I love sleeping.

346. I'm obsessed with vanilla.
347. I have a few close friends.
348. Okay, i have like 2 friends.
349. I need to lose weight.
350. I like popcorn.

351. I love watching TV. I just like it
352. I like malls. Only if there's entertainment and book stores! Having a Coffee Bean also helps ;)
353. I like cold weather better than hot.
354. I really dig Depeche Mode.
355. I love winter.

356. I'm addicted to AIM.
357. I have trouble trusting people.
358. I do not label myself anything besides "me."
359. I love my family...
360. I loathe hot weather.
361. I hate shaving my legs but i do it anyway.

362. Sleeping is a hobby of mine.
363. I like to listen to music everyday.
364. I love white tigers.
365. I love dancing.

366. I don't always like the way I look.
367. I used to cut myself.
368. I'm a daydreamer.
369. I like when my friends write me letters. It makes me feel special.

370. I like to be with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
371. I randomly doodle on pieces of paper or myself when boredom strikes.
372. I love all my friends.
373. I'm allergic to milk. I do have a very small allergy..but not enough to not drink milk
374. I wish people would stop making me cry. *coughADAMcough*
375. I hate (dislike) people who try to be what they're not.
377. I went to boarding school for the last 2 years of high school
376. I love all candy, well, most.
378. I noticed that numbers 376 & 377 were switched.
379. I get my feelings hurt really easy.
380. I believe inner beauty is more important than outer beauty.
381. I wear pants a lot.
382. I am often bored.

383. I like to say what's on my mind.
384. I hate blue jeans
385. I'm online a lot.
386. I have 2 goldfish.
387. I am for the most part happy with myself.
388. I need to work out more.
389. I like being alone at certain times.
390. When I get angry, I curse to myself sometimes.
391. I wish I could spend more time with the ones I love.
392. I dislike shallow people.

393. I'm a type 1 (insulin dependent) diabetic
394. I ponder life way too much.
395. Sometimes I think everyone hates me.
396. I wish my brother didn't die.
397. I hate it when girls have their thongs sticking really far out of the back of their pants.
398. I need to be showed I'm loved.
399. I wish I was better.
400. I hate discrimination.
401. I dislike guys who are only out for one thing.

402. I have a cute car.
402. I love glitter.
403. I sometimes wish I was more social.
404. I love my close friends.
405. I love to have fun.
406. I get amused easily.
407. I'm a lazy ass. I really am.

408. I'm usually more outgoing when I'm around friends.
409. I love to be me.
410. I like wearing hoodies. I wear them but I don't love it :P
411. I wish I could fake a British accent My British accent sucks! I refuse to insult them by speaking in my stupid accent :p
412. I don't have to wish, I already can imitate a British accent
413. I hate my camera, because it didn't come with adequate memory.
414. I love being surprised.
415. I love cold nights.
416. Spiders scare me like crazy
417. I like bracelets.
418. I have a sister named Rinnie.
419. Chickens are amazing
420. I wish I went to the beach more often
421. When I want time to go fast, it goes slow, and vice versa.
422. I can never seem to finish something until the last minute.
423. I love the little things, if it's a funny little note from a friend or just a little something special, it means so much to me.
424. I like getting letters through the mail.
425. I am me.

426. I really like the color black. It defines me.
427. I love koala bears.
428. I believe in fate.
429. I wish everyone was original and acted as themselves.
430. I hate pop rock. 80's pop rock is ok
431. I adore eighties music. Especially Cindy Lauper and Duran Duran. I don't really adore Cindy Lauper
432. I want to make something of my life.
433. I take pictures a lot.

434. Eugenia is crazy.
435. I don't mind having a quiet night in, but at the same time I don't mind a loud night out.
436. My math teacher has telepathic powers.
437. I'd rather wear skirts than pants.
438. I'm very neat, but my desk is messy.
439. I hate math.
440. I love old movies.

441. I want to go to an Ivy League university
442. I think Sackcloth Fashion sucks!! screw rap-metal! !!!!   I would answer if I knew what the heck that meant!
443. I really enjoy thoughtful gifts, even if they suck. It is the thought that counts after all.
444. I'm short.
445. I love the rain.
446. I love to watch people laugh.
447. I take ballet.
448. I cry when other people cry.
449. I love my Jackie O sunglasses.
450. People who act like one thing then get pissy when they get called that one thing annoy me.
451. I cried during A Walk to Remember, and am not ashamed to admit it. Never seen it
452. I'd love to go to public school.
453. I do go to public school.
454. Linkin Park is not my favorite band.
455. I live in California.

456. I wish I had a house in Hawaii so I could stare at the beach for HOURS. I wouldn't mind a house on one of the islands but not for that reason
457. I find it sooo annoying when, as soon as a person stops liking someone, they like someone else a week later. Give it some time to heal, dude!
458. My parents are divorced, and I like it better that way.
459. I buy more CDs in a month than many people buy in 6 months
460. Gun bound, Counterstrike, Diablo, and all of those games are really stupid and people who sit there playing those games for like 23 hours a day are losers. BIG ones..  Diablo is a good game but if you play for 23 hours a're a loser ;)
461. Love at first sight is a mere excuse for lust.
462. God will be very disappointed of us.
463. I don't know why Asians like rice so much. I mean, come on. What a dumb question.
464. I have never been to Texas.
465. Lindsay Lohan is more tolerable than Hilary Duff.
Not by much but I did like Freaky Friday ;)
466. One day I hope to be able to forgive.
467. I have a strong hunch that spam is today's solvent green. Oh dear
468. I can handle pain, but make it quick.
469. I love salad.
470. I hate green.
471. Black nail polish is common and is a lame-ass excuse for being punk or depressed.
472. I don't agree with that. black nail polish is just black nail polish.
473. Weezer is a great band. Not great; good
474. I want to travel the world.
475. I don't understand people who dislike others because they fall under a certain classification. It's like "I don't like people who like pink....". Well they could be awesome people you know.
I have friends that are Republicans and I have friends that aren't pro-choice. I don't care what you believe..we can have a debate just don't push it in my face and I won't push it in yours /rant
476. I hate it when people criticize themselves aloud so they can get compliments. uggghhh.
477. I'm online for 6-7 hours a day on weekends. Isn't that sad?
478. If I had to be stuck on an island, the first thing I would bring is a friend, but my phone and CD player would be sorely missed. I'd bring a boat ;P
479. I like my livejournal. I'd like it even more if I had a nice layout
480. I love earrings.
481. I love when it's cold, but I my favorite season is summer...go figure.
482. I'm going to a catholic all girls school
483. I am not afraid of dying, just curious to see where we go.
484. Sometimes I just cry for no reason
Wasn't this asked already?
485. I hate how unintellectual people try to appear deep. What is deep and what qualifies a person to be deep? Never really thought about it
486. I love Eddie Furlong
487. I love gay people but I am not obsessed. Err..I don't love them. They are people, just like us and deserves the same rights. I do love my gay friends though!
488. I crave lollipops all the time.
489. I don't like narrow-minded people.
490. I love being so caught up in something that I can't hear other things or see anything else except the thing im focused on.
491. I keep a journal.
This one and a notebook one :)
492. I feel sorry for people with Hanson tattoos. BWAHAHAH this question is funny ;P
493. I love jokes.
494. I love water, and would choose it over many drinks.
495. I dislike people who flirt incessantly. Dude, come on, have some shame.
496. I love the smell of fire. Unless the smokes gets out of control and i start to cough
497. I believe in karma
498. I love night time.
499. I prefer hanging out with guys over girls. The people I hang out with are girls so i dunno ;P
500. I think anyone who can influence you to be a better person is a godsend.
501. Please wear deodorant if you are 10 or older. PLEASE.
502. I am aware of being a disappointment to my family.
504. I am horribly sentimental, I will not throw useless things out.

505. I've always been a loner.
506. Pretty girls make me squeal.
507. I love long hair on guys. Not too long :)
508. I'm second in my class.
509. I have a bad habit of using faces. Like ^^ or XD.
510. I have multiple eating disorders.
511. I hate when people pretend to be bi in order to be trendy.
512. I hate the phrase "metro sexual."
513. My goal in life is to travel. One of my goals
514. I'm the best at ping pong.
515. I was in love with Johnny Depp before anyone even considered making The Pirates of the Caribbean.
516. pink is one of the best colors.
517. I am pro-choice.
518. No offense, but I'm sick of seeing Jack Sparrow icons. Nah, I'm just sick of seeing icons that suck!
519. People say I have no body fat, but oh, are they wrong.
520. I prefer being single.
521. I'm a jealous person.
522. I hate criticism, even though it helps me more than I think it does.
523. I don't know how to respond to compliments.
524. I love writing, even though I think my writing is terrible.

525. I wear a ton of makeup.
526. I look at everyone's AIM info every time they’re online, even though they rarely change.
527. I also read everyone's away messages.
528. I have been known to play video games for unhealthy amounts of time. When I was young I played way too much Duke Nukem and DOOM!
529. I am passionate about all of my interests.
530. I dislike people who hold strong opinions on things they know nothing about.
531. I hate when people look over my shoulder.
532. I don't like what I look like.

533. I'm a grammar-nazi.
534. I procrastinate. A LOT.
535. I hate Dragon Ball Z.

536. I sleep too little.
537. Je parle le François. Heh I know what that means
538. I am obsessed with making journal icons. No, but I am an icon whore!
539. I eat more junk food than regular food.
540. I think Xanga is the best journal site out there.
541. In fact... I really dislike LJ.
542. I cry over everything.
543. A lot of people in my school dislike me.
544. I complain about everything.
545. I have a very high-pitched voice.
546. I squeak a lot, involuntarily, and often get made fun of for it.
547. It makes me mad when things I like become trendy. I could care less
548. I could live off of sushi.
549. I have a lot more money than do most of my friends.
550. I like guys with dark hair.
551. No one listens to the same music as me People that say their tastes in music annoy me. There are other people with the same tastes! GET OVER YOURSELF! I listen to Zulu, Hawaiian, and Irish folk music but so do a couple of my other friends! My tastes aren't special! /rant
552. It is a proven fact that I prefer talking to people online if they use complete sentences and correct grammar/punctuation. I don't really care, it's not an essay! Just don't tlk lyke ths kthxby!
553. It's easier than most would expect to make me cry.
554. I'm tired of worrying about crap.

555. I correct others' spelling/grammar quite often.
556. I don't play any team sports for my school.
557. I want to go to Japan I wouldn't mind it but it's not on my 'to do' list
558. I hate sounding obsessed with a musical artist.
559. I never want to get married.
560. I like PIRATES! Pirates named Jack Sparrow :p
561. I hate any alcoholic drinks.
562. I prefer urban life over rural life.
563. I'm obsessed with fashion.
564. I like to make my own clothes.
565. My grades are very important to me.
566. Contrary to popular belief, I don't hate everyone.
567. I do, however, hate a lot of people.
568. Androgyny is sexy.
569. I rant too much.
570. I hog the covers. I only really cover my feet, the rest of my body is exposed
572. I am a good judge of character.
573. I find it difficult to be friends with stupid people.

574. I am obsessed with anime.
575. I like to read a lot.
576. I can be really mean when I want to.
577. I can also be more thoughtful than a lot of people. I think I'm average
578. I always try to help others as much as I can.
579. I'm very irritable.
580. I've never cheated in school, and I dislike people that do.
581. I've never cheated in a relationship,

582. My parents are divorced.
583. Narrow minded people make me want to get a gun.
584. I have a stepmother.
585. I love ice cream.
586. I haven't watched The Sound of Music yet.

587. I dislike people that cut to be trendy, and I think it's just crazy that there are people who only do that to be cool.
588. I hate having the feeling that I'm not going to go anywhere in life.
589. I don't like crowds.
590. I dislike people that think the mall is the root of all evil. It's just a place. Get over it.
591. I'm not as much of a TV addict as I used to be.
592. Most of my friends hate Bush.

593. I am better at keeping secrets than are most of my friends.
594. I love my parents, but never know how to show them.
595. I am not yet in college, or am I going back soon. The semester is over
596. I have no idea where I'd like to go to college.
597. I wish there were more questions, I’m on a roll.
598. I have issues with the subject of commitment. Not with relationships but with goals
599. I'm a girl.
600. I hate makeup.Don't hate it but I don't wear it
601. I prefer music over books.
602. I used to play an instrument.
603. I have dark brown eyes.
604. I am on AIM entirely too much.
605. I think everyone is a psycho.
606. I want to do something in the medical business.
607. I can't lick my elbow.
608. Stars are awesome
609. I don’t wear contacts.
610. I do not know my natural hair color.
611. I really have no life.
612. I am cool.
613. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year.
614. I have a lot to learn.

615. I have a dog.
616. I bet I won't move very far away.
617. I've broken a bone.
618. I have secrets.

619. I hate snow.
620. I have cried during a movie.
621. Subway cookies rock.
622. I do not have glasses on right now.
623. I eat too much.
624. I just ate yogurt.
625. I am far more ordinary than you might think.
626. I like abc family.
627. I don't always need what I think I need.
628. I have asthma.
629. Tom Delonge is one hot mother effer.
630. I'm currently watching 7th heaven. Never seen it
631. I cried all the time when I was little.
632. I am alive.
633. Lollie pops are the shiz.
634. I haven't used a regular pencil for a long time.
635. I like comedy movies.
636. Koosh balls are awesome.

637. I don't have online buddies.
638. My hands are always warm.
639. I like Taking Back Sunday!!
640. I'm not a panda. Sexual Harassment Panda!
641. I'm not very patriotic.
642. I'd like to fluently speak another language.
643. I spend too much time on the computer.
644. I have too much crap on my desk.
645. My friends are the most important people in my life.

646. I'd like to be more original.
647. I've lied.
648. I'm a reasonable person.
649. I wonder what happens when you die.

650. I want to hug you.
651. I'm broke!
652. I'm a little selfish at times.

653. I hate going to class.
654. Christmas is fun. I guess...seeing the lights is nice
655. I'm 5'6"or so.
656. I sometimes tend to be very antisocial.
657. I don't have contacts.
658. I watch TV or listen to music before I go to sleep.
659. Blue is an awesome color.
660. So is green.
661. I hate pink.
662. I'm not so innocent.
663. I want to be somewhere else right now.
664. Cherry coke rocks!
665. I don't like bugs. I don't like flies and bloodsucking parasites
666. I have a pink mouse pad. It's silvery grey
667. I like guys who are funny.
668. I've been talking too much.
669. Mmm, Pringles.
670. My brother has his music too loud.
671. I am going food shopping with my mom today.
672. I can't wait for summer.
673. You make me so nervous.
674. I wish I could travel more.
675. I have never seen a Harry potter movie. BWAHAHAAHHA!!!!
676. I need to practice not being so shy.
677. My belly button itches.
678. I have a lot of scars because i am very accident prone and I tripped a lot as a kid. It doesn't help that the animals have claws!
679. Did you hear what he said about her?!?!?!
680. I'm generally happy.
681. I like to find good music.
682. I miss being a kid.

683. I like cheese.
684. I have a best friend(s).
685. I am very lazy.

686. I'm trying to think of facts right now.
687. I hate thunder.
688. I laugh at things people don't think are funny.
689. I need to go to more concerts.
690. I'm in denial at the moment.

691. My hair is still its natural color.
692. I paint my toe nails.
693. I get annoyed when i don't get to finish telling a story.
694. I like to wear pink.
695. Sometimes I wish I could do something really, really amazingly well.
696. I've never taken a hit of a cigarette.
697. I love fat people! What a weird question
698. I'm such a health freak.
699. I love taking pictures.
701. I can identify some close friends by smell.
702. I hate when people confuse "your" and "you're."  I sometimes do it though :x
703. I think dorkiness is attractive.
704. I've never had a fake screen name.

705. I wish I had a pug.
706. I miss middle school.
707. I have pretty good eating habits.
708. I have a hard time making up my mind sometimes.
709. I wish my hair naturally curled.
Not horribly curled
710. I can't live without chap stick.
711. I wish I could sing.
712. I like classical music.

713. Striped pants are hot.
714. I think Schylar is a really cool name.
715. I usually don't get sarcasm.
716. I wish I could look in a mirror and constantly be satisfied with myself.
717. I shift between being sleepy and awake when I'm really tired.
718. I hardly ever vacuum.
719. I hate racism and nazis.
720. I want him to hold me.

721. I like watermelon flavored things.
722. I'm a snob about grammar.
723. I am a terrible liar.
724. Old Spice deodorant smells WONDERFUL. Never smelt it..just the original Old Spice and it's tolerable
725. I wish I knew how to speak in Italian.
726. I am learning to be happy wherever I am.
727. I appreciate honesty.
728. I need a manicure.
But I won't get one ;P
729. I love Dr.Pepper.
730. I twirl my hair.
731. I love kissing.

732. I don't own a cell phone.
733. I want to learn to play harp.
734. I'm not old enough to vote.
735. I want to see most of the world.
736. I hate being lied to.
737. I believe in a thing called love.
738. I go shopping usually once a week.

739. Today is Wednesday.
740. I've read more than 100 books.
741. I hate hearing songs that sacrifice meaning for the sake of being able to rhyme
742. I like feet.
743. I like getting compliments. Even though I have no idea how to respond to them
744. I want the world to see me.
745. I think it's funny when girls wear so much makeup that their faces become incandescent. Nope, just gross
746. I hate seeing kids/people that think they're different because they like Slipknot, etc. and shop at Hot Topic. Never really thought about it though
747. I am tactful most of the time.
748. I'm afraid of spiders.
749. I get too attached to some people.
750. I'm usually on time.
751. I forgive but I don't forget.
752. I think way too damn much for my own good.
753. My current relationship is teaching me a lot.
754. I like salads from McDonalds.
755. I read for at least an hour every night before bed.
756. I talk to a lot of people I don't like because I hate being rude.

757. I sing in the shower. Sometimes
758. Laughing turns me on. If it's sexy laughter ^_^
759. I wish I were asleep.
760. I love reeses peanut butter cups.
761. I never have enough energy to do what I'm doing.

762. I have a friend who has an outtie bellybutton.
763. I have driven a car.
764. There is no nail polish on my nails.

765. I am unafraid to change, but I don't think I realize the boundary between change and utter transformation.
766. I wear brown, thin-rimmed glasses. I wear silver thin rimmed glasses :]
767. Goodbyes make me sad.
768. comes after
769. I love cuddling.
770. I run when I'm bored.
771. I wish I were more attractive to others.
772. I worry too much sometimes about what people think.

773. Compliments make me happy. They make me akward
774. I like long car rides with certain people.
775. I drink a lot of orange juice in the morning. Crangrapefruit Juice
776. I wonder a lot who I'm going to end up marrying.
777. I listen to the things no one else really cares about.

778. TyPiNg LIeK diS anNoyes [the hell out of] mEeeh.
779. This is taking too long.

780. I don’t know what supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means.
781. I am proud to be an American. Even though the federal government can suck sometimes
782. I call myself a unique because you don’t know how to label me.
783. I HATE labeling.

784. I love duct tape. It rules the world.
785. I don’t get why anyone would use duct tape.
786. I am Special!
787. I have a cell phone.

788. I have a cell phone and im glad i dont have to pay for it.
789. I LOVE Spongbob Squarepants!! It's a healthy love :P
790. I dont want to die.
791. I have gone around the world.
792. I have gone around my block. Assuming this is a non-sexual question
793. Im a dumb blonde and proud.
794. I am the first ever dumb brunette.
795. I am a nobody.
796. I love rainbows they are pretty
797. I am hyper no matter what.
798. I stand out from the crowd.
799. I was born to perform.
800. I love skater guys, they are hott!
801. I believe that one day I'll be famous. Watch out world!
802. I believe that dreams come true.
803. I wish I had a billion dollars.

804. I refuse to believe that Martians do not exist... I don't think there's anything alive on Mars so I don'tbelieve in Martians but there is other life out there! THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE!
805. There is life on Mars. I know it.
806. Im starting to wonder when this thing will end.
807. I think that it wont end anytime soon...
808. I have my ears pierced. I did but had to take them out
809. I play the violin. I wish!
810. My favorite color is orange.
811. I am obsessed with lip gloss.
812. I like Good Charlotte.
813. I am a Daddy’s Girl.
814. My eyes are blue.
815. I think pink is pimpin’.
816. I have a lot of nicknames.
817. McDonalds is my favorite Fast Food Place. The Apple Pan or In & Out!
818. My favorite Candy is a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar.
819. I have a job.
820. I like to go to the grocery store.
821. I think Chuck E. Cheese is AWESOME.
822. I am a beach person. Again, rocky beaches with pounding waves
823. I have seen “Gone with the Wind.”
824. I want Bush to win. He did win :x
825. I like chocolate cupcakes.
826. My hair is dark brown.

827. I live in New York.
828. I like to be in plays at my school.
829. There are lockers in my school.
830. I am a junior.
831. I have Windows XP.
832. I like to skateboard.
833. I play soccer. Used to and I call it football
834. I live near the ocean.
835. I like to shop at Aeropostale. O_o
836. I like To talk on the phone for a million hours
837. I have moved to different houses more than 2 times.
838. I am in love.
839. I like root beer floats.
840. I have only 10 cousins or less.
841. I get grounded a lot.
842. I LOVE French fries.
843. I like the name Lucy.
844. I like Elmo.
845. I am a dog person. I like dogs but I'm a cat person
846. I eat squid.
847. My bedroom is spotless.
848. I like the song “Pretty Girl.” Never heard it before...I think
849. I thought this would never end.
850. I'm glad it did
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