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[ ] Do you have a couch in your front yard or porch?
[ ] Do you ride four-wheelers?
[ ] Do you like to get dirty?
[] Do you like country music? (I like very little country music so I figured I wouldn't mark it)
[ ] Do you have a broken car in your back or front yard?
[ ] Do you own a cowboy hat?
[ ] Do you live on more then 2 acres?
[x] Do you have more then 4 different animals at your home? (rats, cats, dog, fish outside, guinea pig)
Total X: 1

[ ] Do you wear black eyeliner?
[] Is most of your clothing dark?
[] Do you think about death often?
[] Do you want to die?
[] Are you a social outcast?
[x] Are you pale? (naturally pale)
[ ] Do you like Hot Topic?
[x] Do you enjoy Tim burton movies?
[] Are you mean?
Total X: 2

[ ] Can you bmx/skateboard?
[x] Do you wear Vans?
[] Do you do stupid stuff with your friends?
[ ] Have you gotten in trouble with the Cops?
[x] Do you watch the x-games?
[ ] Do you have any piercings?
[ ] Do you like/wear mohawks?
[x] Do you wear Band t-shirts
[ ] Have you called someone a poser recently?
Total X: 3

[x] Do you say the word "like"? (sadly yes, when I can't articulate a sentence)
[ ] Do you shop at Hollister/Abercrombie&Fitch/Aero?
[] Do you pop the collar? (what?)
[ ] Do the people in Hot topic scare you?
[] Is the only nerd u like Seth Cohen?
[ ] Do you watch LAGUNA BEACH?
[x] Do you like pop music? (I like 80's pop!)
[ ] Do you want/have a little dog?
Total X: 2

[x ]Is your hair long?
[x] Do you own a tye-dye shirt?
[x ] Do You want to save the animals?
[x] Do you think war is unneccesary?
[x] Do you like classic rock and trippy music?
[x] Have you ever participated in a protest?
[x] Have you ever been overcome with a desire to hug a tree?
Total X: 6

[ ] Do you act ghetto?
[ ] Do you wear do-rags?
[] Do you like hip-hop?
[ ] Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?
[ ] Do you believe he's alive?
[ ] Do you like afros?
[] Have you ever said "Fo Shizzle"?
[] Do you like to dance? -
[ ] Do you own any Baby Phat or G-Unit?
Total X: 0

[x] Do you cry often?
[x] Do you wear hoodies?
[x] Do you like soft music?
[] Do people not understand you?
[ ] Do you write your own poems?
[] Ever dyed your hair black or dark?
[] Do you cut your hair?
[x] Are you lonely?
[] Is "Ohio is for lovers" by Hawthorne Heights, a good song?
Total X: 4

--Band geek--
[x] Do u play an instrument?
[ ] Is your life pretty much based upon marching band?
[ ] Are the majority of your friends in band/marching band?
[ ] Ever been to band camp?
[ ] Ever find yourself playing your instrument in your free time?
[ ] Do you spend a year's worth of electives on band durring your highschool career?
[ ] High toes are sexy toes??
Total X: 1
Tags: memes quizzes and surveys
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