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Mom made her fudge last night! She also gave me permission to share the recipe :)

4 cups of sugar
1 can (12oz) of evaporated milk
half pound of butter (bar form)
1\2 packages (7oz) of marshmellow creme
2 bags (12oz) of bittersweet chocolate chips. Trader Joes\Van Houtens brand
2 teaspoons of real vanilla
(14oz) of candy making chocolate (dark, light, or a combination of the two)
-nuts are optional

1. Get large stockpot and pour all the sugar and evaporated milk in
2. Cook on medium heat to a rapid boil.
3. Stir constantly
When it reaches rolling boil, it should be double in size
4. Add butter and vanilla while stirring another 4 minutes
5. Add marshmellow creme and chocolate (the chips and candy making chocolate).
Add nuts if you are using any
6. Stir well until well mixed. Take a taste to see if more chocolate is required.
7. Take off heat.
8. Prepare 2-3 12x9 buttered\greased pans and pour in. No deeper then an inch per pan
9. Let it sit out until cool or room temperature (usually 40-60 minutes
10. Cover with tin foil and refridgerate.

Take out of fridge to thaw 30 minutes before cutting. It's best if you use a warm knife. Good way to warm the knife; run it under hot water.
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