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Chanukah rules! Why? Well let's run down the list shall we?
~I get personal mail! Not email, but snail mail. I love getting mail. I usually get bank statements, magazines, and letters from Sierra Club, ASPCA, etc. I love getting mail from PEOPLE and this is the only other time (my birthday) that I get it.
~Latkas, nuff said
~Every other Chanukah my mom makes her completely awsome fudge. This is the year she makes it again!
~Presents! I love getting presents and I love giving presents. I like to put thought into my presents. It took me a long time to find a present for my friend across the pond but I think it's okay. I'll be sending certain LJ buddies their presents in the mail today.
~Did I mention latkas?

Like my holiday icon? I have another ^_^
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