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lots of surveys!

[A is for age:] 22 (just a little thing; yesterday I FORGOT my age. I had to ask my mom! How pathetic is that?!)
[B is for booze of choice:] caribbean cooler from Cheesecake Factory...normal drink would be rasberry or peach margarita
[C is for career:] Student
[D is for your dog's name:] Heidi
[E is for essential items to bring to a party:] I don't go to parties but if I did, my really rad MENSA game 
[F is for favorite song at the moment:] "Weave Me The Sunshine" by Peter, Paul, and Mary
[G is for favorite game:] Times Up and as for video game...I would say my all time favorite is Resident Evil II
[H is for hometown:] Los Angeles
[I is for instruments you play:] classical guitar
[J is for jam or jelly you like:] boysenberry, rasberry, strawberry
[K is for kids?] At this point I don't think I could have kids
[L is for last kiss?] my grandma
[M is for marital status:] nope, one day
[N is for name of your crush:] erm....gotta ask? Dan!
[O is for overnight hospital stays:] I had to stay a week at a mental hospital when my meds went out of whack. I needed 24 hour care so my meds could be stablilized...that place scared me
[P is for phobias:] ....I'm kinda scared of mosquitoes and driving a car (also being in the passenger seat). Also have one of freeways
[Q is for quotes you like:] "To the world, you are one person. To a rat, you are the world"
[R is for relationship that lasted the longest]: one day...we decided to not date
[S is for sexuality:] straight
[T is for time you wake up:] 8-9:30
[U is for underwear:] white
[V is for vegetable you love] potatoes and fresh raw carrots
[W is for worst habit:] avoiding
[X is for x-rays you've had:] teeth, head, ankle...I think that's it
[Y is for yummy food you make:] I make bitchen salmon
[Z is for zodiac sign:] Gemini

1. Do you still talk to the person you lost your virginity to? Haven't lost it.
2. What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons? Make a raft and sail to the UK
3. What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school? Boyz II Men, Ace Of Base, Salt N Pepper, TLC, etc
4. What is the best thing about your current job? unemployed right here (yes, I am still looking)
5. Do you wish cell phone etiquette was required in class? YES! And in restraunts!
6. Are you against same sex marriage? nope. Love is love, that's all it is.
7. Have you been on a date in the past week? nope
8. Where are you going on your next vacation? Probably Orlando, we got a free trip and that's the choice with the cheapest airfare (the hotel is free)
9. Quote a song lyric, because I told you to! "Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow and fill my cup again"
10. Are most of the friends in your life new or old? New
11. Do you own any furniture from Ikea? no
12. Do you like your parents? I love my mom and will always love my dad even though he's gone
13. Do you still live with them? yes
14. What state/country are you from? California, USA
15. Tell us about the last conversation you had? Talking to my mom about the smoke coming out of the oven
16. Where do you see yourself in one month? trying  to learn to drive agian (got a fear)
17. What is your favorite smell? beans
18. Are you close with your siblings?
19. Do you consider yourself bi-polar? I was diagnosed with it and even if I weren't, I would suspect
20. What is the time and the outside temperature at the moment? 8:07pm 62F
21. Have you ever done anything vindictive to your coworkers? no
22. Have you ever gone to therapy? Yes since I was 8
23. Have you ever Played Spin the Bottle? yeah
24. Have you ever Toilet papered someone's house? Don't remember, probably not
25. Have you ever liked someone but never told them? Yeah
26. Have you ever gone camping? Yeah
27. Have you ever had a crush on your sister's friend? Don't have a sister
28. Have you ever been to a nude beach? No
29. Have you ever had sex on the beach? No
30. Have you ever had a stalker? yes
31. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? yes
32. Have you ever laughed so hard you cried? yes
33. Have you ever gone to a party where you were the only sober one? no
34. Have you ever been cheated on? No
35. Have you ever had sex with one of your Livejournal friends? No
36. Have you ever felt betrayed by your best friend? Yes, and it's an ex-best friend
37. Have you ever felt like you were just completely rhino raped? ummm what?
38. Have you ever lied to your parents? Yeah
39. Have you ever been out of the U.S? Yep, Mexico and Canada
40. Have you ever thrown up from working out? No, wouldn't that be a sign of over working?
41. Have you ever gotten a haircut so bad that you wore a hat? No but I did hate it
42. Have you ever eaten 3 meals from 3 different fast food places? No, two meals..well not meals. I'd get McDonalds fries and then go to the next place and get a corn dog from Hotdog On A Stick.
43. Have you ever gotten so wasted you didnt know what was going on? Never been wasted, don't plan to
44. Have you ever spied on someone you had a crush on? Nope
45. Have you ever slept with one of your coworkers? Nope

I'm a girl.
I'm a boy.
I love Dave Chappelle.
My room is always tidy
I never do things on time.
I go to Bruegger's Bagels every morning.
I have a webcam. but I don't use it ;)
I know all the words to 'Back that Ass Up' by Juvenile.
I'm a member of PETA.
I've seen the movie 8 mile.
I have a tribal tattoo.
I have my medusa pierced.
I have my septum pierced.
I have some sort of surface piercing.
I stretch my ears.
I own a dancing hamster.
I've drank spoiled milk before.
I use drugs. prescription drugs ;)
I've been arrested.
I've written a love letter.
I've been written a love letter.
I go to an arcade frequently.
I love my body.
My favorite feature is my lips.
I know that double l's in Spanish are pronounced like y's.
I have never been to a concert.
I own less than ten DVDs.
I hate scary movies.
I'm vegan.
I know how to make mixed drinks.
I've built a puppet.

I'm in the Despair Faction.
I find happiness in making others cry or squirm.
I'm really tired.
I've got green eyes. I wish, that's my favorite eye color..and I do have contacts of that color ;)
I've taken n00dz.
I lie a lot.
I hate Mexican food.
I stencil.
I refuse to be seen as weak.
I prefer CDs to vinyls.
I don't have a myspace. Does it count if I have one but don't use it?
I want huge tattoos.
I have a PC.
I love smooth jazz.
I take my music seriously.
I'm a morning person.
I've had an STD.
I love being kissed on the lips. dreams, dreams, dreams
I'm tall.
I hate Christmas.
I'm done.

01. What color are your walls? Light blue
02. What color is your bedspread/sheets? Right now I have a blue, purple, and gree afghan mom made me.  Mom's making me a green and silver bedspread
03. What color is your rug? Don't have a rug
04. Any posters/bulletin boards/designs in your room? Yep, a corkboard, a poster of the Lone Cypress, a Futurama poster, a poster of a baby polar bear, and a plaque
05. Do you have a TV? nope, one tv in the whole house
06. Do you have a phone? Nah, just the a cell phone!
07. Do you have your own computer? Yesum, I'm typing on it!
08. Do you have a desk? Yeah, I hate it and I'm getting rid of it
09. What are your most treasured belongings in your room? my rats, Hamlet's ashes, my cameras, my HP books collection, and my drawings folder
10. What are your most favorite things in your room? Umm isn't that the same? Well, I love my corkboard and my posters but they can be easily replaced
11. Do you have any fancy lights in your room? Nah, just the halogeon in my lamp. I do have a lava lamp but it isn't plugged in

01. What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Wonder what time it is
02. Anything unusual? Wha? Umm no I don't think so.
03. Do you pick out your clothes the night before? sometimes
04. Do you try your best to look cute for school? nope, I wear something comfortable and that doesn't clash too badly.

// SCHOOL //
01. What color is your backpack? blue and black North Face backpack
02. Do you try your best when it comes to school work? sometimes
03. Do you listen or doodle? listen and take notes
04. BE QUIET - we all know you doodle, but what do you doodle? Honestly, when I do doodle it's only when I think I don't have to take down what the teacher is saying. I usually doodle rats and stick figures
05. Do you eat your cafeteria food, or go out? Depends on if I think I can afford to buy
06. What do you do right when schools over? Walk to the bus stop for the 2 hour ride back home

// HOME //
When you come home are you. . .
01. Miserable? no
02. Happy? Yes, almost always
03. Tired? Yes. Think about it,  I take the bus two hours both ways and on the way back, it's usually rush hour so that makes it THREE hours
04. LEAVE ME ALONE? No, feel free to chat! I'm happy, I have a mocha blend ^_^

// OTHER //
01. Do you take walks around your neighborhood sometimes? Yesum, with the dog and sometimes the cat follows
02. What are some hobbies of yours? music, reading, drawing, obsessing, internet, writing, photography
03. Do you collect anything? Yes: state keyrings and buttons among other things.
04. What do you do in your spare time? Internet and reading FF
05. Are you in love, or at least falling? No and I can't wait to find love. Well, I take it back. I can wait because love comes to those who wait /bleeding romantic line

01. What do you do before you go to bed? open a music playlist on iTunes to fall asleep to. It's usually my U2 or Harry Potter playlist :)
02. Do you kiss your parents/guardians goodnight, or just say "goodnight"? I say goodnight
03. What way do you sleep (ex: on your side, tummy, etc.)? stomach
04. Do you like your life? Sometimes

Imagine you had ten kids, five boys and five girls, what would you call them:: Daniel (I honestly love the name!), David, Anthony (after my dad), William, and James. Susan, Clara....never thought of girl names....Jessica, Monique, and.....umm...can't think of anything! Umm...*scratches head*...I guess Olivia :P
2. Do you have braces, if so, have you ever gotten your toothbrush stuck in your braces?:: I have one brace on a molar I never got off. Yes, when I had a full set I did get my toothbrush bristles caught ;)
3. Have you ever broken a mirror and acutally had seven years bad luck?:: *snort*, no
4. Have you ever found buried treasure (money, trinkets, civil war artifacts etc.)?:: yes (and that doesn't count digging a rat grave and finding my old lovebird Loui :x)
5. Have you ever had your teeth knocked out due to an accident?:: No thank goodness!
6. If you could, would you make the days shorter or longer?:: hmmm...I wouldn't change it. That would throw nature out of whack! I would make it snow at least once every winter though!
7. Do you believe the statment, "You can't love if you are never shown love?" No, everybody can find love if they look hard enough
8. What do you think of the joke "What comes after six?" "Seven eight nine"?:: Stupid
9. When you were little, did you have a fear of clowns?:: Hmmm, I hate clowns (except for Krusty and...go figure; Pennywise though he freaks me out). I was afraid of them as a kid but I just don't like them now.
10. Do make up random words?:: Yeah
11. At what age do you think you’ll get married?:: Hmmm 28?
12. Have you ever been walking under an apple tree and been hit in the head by a falling apple?:: No, but I got hit by a lemon!
13. Name five good personality traits you have?:: quiet, mellow (sometimes), funny, intelligent (though that isn't personality is it?), and imaginative
14. Name three bad personality traits you have?:: stubborn, prone to mood swings (again, not really a personality trait but I don't care), and reclusive
15. Do you like taking photographs?:: If you need to ask that, you don't know me
16. Have you ever lost your family in wal-mart or another large store?:: I've never set foot in a Wal-Mart and as for other large stores? I probably have when I was younger.
17. Do you enjoy watching Family Guy?:: I used to hate it, now I love it
18. What morals & Values do you hold dear and strong?:: chivalry and sensitivity
19. Have you ever had a boyfriend?:: Yeah, for a week
20. If you had to give your dreams a rating, what would you rate them:: 10 for weird ass shit (haha)
21. Have you ever been skydiving or bungee jumping?:: Bungee jumping at camp, it was fun!
22.Do you play any sports?:: I used to play soccer (football everywhere else). I want to learn to fence!
23. Imagine the world was going to end and you were selected to be one of only 500 people to be saved. You have to pick one person of all the people you know to be your mate, who do you pick?:: To be my mate? *rubs hands together* Dan! Last name witheld because if you don't know who I'm talking about, suck (j\k ;)
24. What kind of books do you enjoy reading the most?:: science fiction (Jurassic Park, Andromeda Strain, Jaws type of SF...not Star Trek type).
25. Pick any three tv/cartoon or book characters and choose two traits you share with them:: Hermione Granger: bookish know-it-all. Professor Farnsworth: can be eccentric. Harry Potter: I have a problem seeing my self worth sometimes 
26. What would you do if you had a million dollars with no tax deductions?:: Take a trip to the UK (and bring Monsie with!), get fuzzy handcuffs, pay someone to clean my room, pay my mom back for everything (including rat room), donate to an orginization that spay\neuters stray cats, build an extension for my friend's rattery, get the Harry Potter iPod, and go on a National Geographic cruise to Antarctica
26. What do you have on your walls in your room?:: posters and a corkboard
27. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live. Is it in the country or the city?:: I'd buy houses in England, Scotland, Alaska, Northern California (coastal), Northern Washington, and British Columbia Canada
28. Have you ever played Lasar Tag?:: Nope
29. Do you have any autographed items?:: Yeah, I have an autographed photo of John Ritter and an autographed copy of OoTP (Dan autographed it; a friend got it for me!)...also got an autographed SPIN Magazine with the Foo's autographs on them
30. Have you ever seen anyone die?:: seen? Well I don't think so, except for pets. Dad died but I saw him after he died...same with every other person I know that died
31. Are you cold natured, warm natured or normal?:: I'm a mix between cold and warm. I can be very cold or very warm to you
32. Are you Pessimist or Opptimisic?:: Honestly? A pessimist but sometimes I have my good days
33. Do you have a motto, famous quotes or a saying about life?:: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
34. Name five things you want to do during your life?:: Take an extensive trip of the UK, buy a house in the UK, marry, go to Antarctica, take a world trip
35. If you could travel to any four countries, where would you go and why?:: England, Scotland, and Ireland because I just love the UK. I'm adopted but I was told I my mother has roots from the UK. The last would be.....New Zealand because it's just beautiful there.
36. If you could have any job or do anything as a career with no work, what would you do?:: Every job requires WORK. I would be a globe hopping National Geographic photographer!
37. What book has impacted you the most and why?:: Hmmm Jurassic Park. I read that book when I was a little kid. It opened up my love for those types of science fiction books.
38. Name three talents you have?:: touching my nose with my tongue, photography, and I'm great with kitties (is that a talent?)...oh, I guess putting up with my brother requires talent ;P
39. Did you ever get into the Beanie Baby craze?:: Nope, I thought it was a stupid craze. I did get a few of the neat animal species though (I have a penguin one for example)
40. What do you want to major in?:: English, earth and life science
41. What is most important to you in life?:: hmmm at the moment; love (friends, family, finding love in that special someone).
42. Does your close/immediate family live near you or far from you?:: I live with my mom, my grandma's a mile away and so is my brother
43. Do you have more DVD’s or VHS tapes? :: VHS tapes though the DVD's are getting close
44. How many CD’s do you have?:: I don't know and I'm not counting! Less then 200 and more then 130
45. What’s the highest grade you’ve ever received?:: A++ (extra credit)
46. Do you enjoy Stephen King’s novels?:: some of them are awsome ^_^
47. Are you a sports fan or anti-sports?:: depends on the sports. I don't like american football, basketball, or baseball. I like REAL football (soccer), fencing, skiing, biking (not motorbikes), surfing
48. Fast food or a home cooked meal?:: home cooked
49. Are you organized or disorganized?:: disorganized
50. What’s your favorite type of Flower?:: blue and purple morning glories. I also like California poppies and roses :)
51. If you could automatically learn five lanugauges, what would you learn?:: latin, german, hawaiin, hebrew, gaelic
52. Do you have a temper or are you calm and collected?:: Temper
53. Have you ever thought of guitars as a weapon?:: anything can be a weapon! Yes indeed I have.
54. What is your favorite Video Game System?:: Sony Playstation 2
55. What’s the most amount of money you’ve found on the ground?:: $20 in the gutter
56. What’s the biggest prize you’ve ever won?:: hmmm...I won $500 once...OH! I won a radio call in contest and went to the premier of the 90's movie Touch. I saw Skeet Ulrich, he was hot
57. What type of music do you enjoy listening to?:: classical, folk, oldies, alternative, movie music, opera
58. If you could be reincarnated as anyone, what would you be like and why?:: THat's stupid. I can't reincarnate as anyone because they are already living! I would reincarnate as an orca though.
59. Name two things you are obessed with?:: Dan Radcliffe and FF ;P (four things; fuzzy handcuffs and rosy cheeks!)
60. Do you spend more time with your family or friends?:: family; I don't see my friends enough (I wanna meet my lovely British friend who loves taking photos of the seashore)
61. Do you eat all three meals of the day?:: Nope, usually a small lunch and dinner. My breakfast consists of crangrapfuit juice that I was my morning pill down with.
62. Do you get the right amount of sleep everynight or less than required?:: Lately it's the right amount. Usually it's less then required
63. If you could be trapped on an island for six months and you can only have eight people living on the island with you, who do you pick and why:: Monique because she's my best friend, Dan! because he's Dan, Lee for his wonderful wit (and he can take photos of the sea with me), Ali to keep Lee company, Justin to keep Monique company, my mom so she can supply us with fudge (where she gets the ingredients I dunno), and...Lesley so she can enjoy the beauty :)
64. Is there any food you can’t go a week without eating?:: at the moment I can't go a week without at least one can of Dr. Pepper :P
65. What’s the most amount of soda you’ve ever drinken in a 24 hour period?::  a whole liter a few years ago
64. What clothing style do you wear?:: comfy clothes; elastic jeans, t-shirts, zip hoodies (the light kind..not heavy material), canvas shoes, and bras with no underwire and if there's a clasp; it's frontal
67. When you were a kid, did you parents ever eat lunch with you?:: At school? Yeah, every month was parent's day
68. Have you ever seen a famous person in an airport?:: The original host of Talk Soup, Paris Hilton (shudder), Angeline (shudder x two), and Bill Pullman, among others. Hey, I live in LA and go to LAX
69. What does your handwriting look like?:: It's pretty neat; mom's jelous of it
70. If you could have any superpower what power would you want to have?:: hrm....time travel and teleportation ^_^
71. What animal do you think you are most like and why?:: cat; aloof but also warm
72.Have you ever committed any traffic violations, if so, were you caught?:: nope
73. What were the best years of your life?:: ages 18-20
74.Have you ever lied about your age or weight?:: yessum
75. What genre of movies do you enjoy?: hrmmm science fiction (again, Jurassic Park type movies)... I also love horror movies that fuck with your mind (Signs rules)
76. Have you ever rode a horse, pony or elephant?:: All of the above (Indian elephant)
77. Name an embrassing moment you have:: I farted during yoga class once ;_;
78. What church do you attend?:: None, I'm Jewish. Baiz Bazel and Mogan David
79. What drives and inspires you (The people in the life, yourself, money items etc?) my close friends and some music
80.If you could relive any five moments in your life, what would they be?:: one of the shabbos nights where dad and I got into political debates, going on the trip to DC\Boston\NYC\Cape Cod with my family, seeing Phantom on Broadway a few years ago, U2 concert, Canadian trip
81. What is something you regret doing?:: Yes. I was there the morning my dad's best friend rushed him to the hospital. I deeply regret going to school and not going to the hospital with them. *sigh*
82. A random fact about you?:: Hmmm I could say I have an obsession with the man in my icon but I'll do something not everybody knows ;) ummmm I was obsessed with the game Duke Nukem :P
83. Do you laugh easily or do you generally keep a straight face?:: Laugh easily ^_^
84. Do you enjoy Caffine, soda's, coffee or energy drinks?:: Yes but most of the soda's I drink don't have carffine (real root beer and Dr. Pepper..I think Dr. P doesn't have caffine, also Sprite). I love lattes
85. If you had to live off a food for a solid week, which food do you think you could live off?:: PBandJ sandwitches..haven't had one in weeks! I would wash it down with Dr. Pepper
86. If you could know the answer to any question in the world, what would you ask and why?:: Hmmm....that' hard! At the moment I would say....will tigers become extinct in my lifetime? I'm sure my question will change tomorrow
87. Do you have any secrets you'll take with you to the grave?:: I think so
88. Have you ever had any dreams in a foregin lanugage?:: Parsletongue :x
89. How often do you pray?:: when something happens. I prayed for my dad, Hamlet amongst other rats, Scrooge, when the planes hit the towers, and my friend's mother
90. What is your favorite era entertainment wise?:: Hmmm depends on my mood. Right now it would be early 60's
91. What is your favorite Disney song?::: Circle of Life :)
92. Have you ever met an important political figure like a mayor or the president?:: Oh boy, you're talking to the daughter of an important figure for Los Angeles. Okay here we go; this is just the ones I REMEMEBR
My father; a city attorney that helped write alot of the city's ethic laws (Anthony Alperin; go and google it)
Henry Waxman who is a California representive
Howard Beman who is the same as Henry (we are close family friends, I call him Henry XD)
Zev Yaroslavsky who is a county supervisor
Jim Hann who was our previous mayor...we was dad's boss and he spoke at length at dad's funeral as a friend and employer (he was mayor at the time)
Antonio Villaraigosa is the current mayor
Rocky Delgadillo is a city attorney and was dad's superior
Rick Tuttle is a city controller
Barbara Boxer is a senator
Basically, I've met all the key politicians for Los Angeles and a lot for the state. Can you tell I was proud of my father?
93. Do you wear any jewelry or assesories?:: sometimes and usually it's just a necklace and ring
94. Do you like working in the yard?:: nah
95. Are you a leader or a follower?:: *baaa* I'm a follower
96. If you could have any kind of hairstyle, what would you get and why?:: long, down to my butt and layered
97. If you could master any talent, what would you want to master and why?:: Hrm...I'd love to master classical guitar
98. What is your favorite newspaper comic strip?:: Garfield used to rule but now it only makes me laugh sometimes. So I would say Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes...timeless
99. Have you or would you ever consider hitchhiking?:: No, too many psychos. Yes I know there's good people but I wouldn't chance it...of course if I were stuck in the Sorona Desert I might risk it
100. If you could have any last name in the world, what would you want?:: Radcliffe (why no, I'm not obsessed!)

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