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Went holiday shopping in Santa Monica. I didn't find anything for my mom or brother but I found a little something for both yodallama and weaseles.
This one store was so cool! It had some old stage props from Rocketeer, Alien, AVP (alien and the Predator), Planet of the Apes, and Men In Black. They also had those really exspensive light saber models, not the ones Best Buy sells but the serial numbered replicas. I wanted one in the worst way! I wanted the Obi Wan one :P
They also had original Star Wars toys; Boba Fett was $29.99
I tried to find an original Yoda for yodallama but they didn't have one. Too bad :-\
THey also had some used toys for $5.95. They were smudged but with some cleaning I'm sure they would be presentable. I will list the ones I got later =)
A quest for fellow icon junkies (especially fellow fandom fiends); find me a HP holiday icon! I don't want one that says "Merry Christmas" or anything (Happy Christmas is okay to use for 12-25). No, I would prefer just plain ol' holidays. A scene from the snow or anything! That is your quest should you choose to accept it. This post will update in ten seconds.
Tags: fandom, holidays, icons, random
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