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Rat Post II

Rat Post II is dedicated to my very first rat; Hamlet. I got Hamlet after my alligator lizard Scooby Doo died. I decided on a rodent and all the books and magazines recommended rats. My father said only ONE rat and though I knew they should be in at least pairs, I agreed. I got Hamlet at the best PetCo in my part of the city. I went to PetCo to just pick up the supplies but just had to look at the rats. I saw a blazed rat that looked different from all the others and asked to see her. She was also the largest and mom was a bit squicked over her because of her size. Hamlet crawled up my arm and I fell in love. Hamlet was a lone rat for a about 4 months and then I got her a friend from a retired breeder (my best friend). Hamlet was the best rat ever; smart as a whip and as loyal as a rat can be. She had free run of the house when I was home and would harass the cats and our previous dog. When dad came home she would hop up to him, crawl up his leg and lick his neck. She would sleep on my chest and follow us around like a puppy. She was the best rat ever. I'm very thankful my first rat was so wonderful. Hamlet devloped a tumor July 2003 and I removed it. I removed three more tumors over the months. At the very end of November of that year she had a mini stroke and become lethargic. A few days later she had a bigger stroke so I kept her in an old purse with a hot water bottle. The morning of December 3rd I stayed up all night with her. I had a feeling that she wouldn't live to see the end of that day so made arrangements for cremation. At 9:22 she had a grand mal seizure (I'm sure that's what it was) and had respitory failure. She died in my hands at 9:23am. I had her cremated and she's in my desk drawer. When Isis passed away, I put her ashes with Hamlet's since they were close. Hamlet helped raise many wonderful litters. She never had a litter because she was a pet store rat (sometimes I regret not breeding her but I know it was for the best beacuse of her backround and health). She would help raise babies. Rats such as Algee, Starbucks, Coffee, Roswell, and Fuzz were raised around her. I think that's why they were so damn wonderful.
No rat will replace Hamlet; my little puppy in rats clothing. She really was my best friend.

The official Hamlet photo and my offical RAT photo

The first photo I took of Hamlet, a week after I got her. Yes that's pine and I got rid of it REAL quick

Another first photo. Sneaky thing almost got my soda :P

Hamlet was buddies with Chaos. I only trusted her around him, he was a little weird with the other rats. It was heartwarming seeing such a small creature bully such a large one (she was definatly in charge over the dog)

This photo is really crappy but it shows just how trusting she is.

Hamlet in the middle of shaking her head. The cat is Scrooge and she just loved bugging him.

Hamlet cuddled up to Scrooge's tail. Scrooge would actually be chased by her! It was hilarious

Scrooge and Hamlet again.

Hamlet harassing our other cat Desi. Desi isn't related to Scrooge :p

Hamlet and Desi again

Yes, I have a massive amount of photos of Hamlet. These are the only ones that I transferred when I got this computer (all the others are on a disc; all 564 Hamlet photos)

Hamlet liked being outdoors.

Hamlet is big and brave but a big baby when getting a bath. She squeals like she's being murdered.

Hamlet licked Desi's lips so Desi was cleaning his mouth :P

Swee Hamlet

This was taken in July. Later that day I found her first tumor. Oh, her bad eye. January of 2003 she banged it and it kinda popped out. We were able to save the eye but she was probably blind in it.

That same day. Just stop and smell the roses

Such a licky thing

I love this photo even though it only shows her nose

She was so cute

Making a dash for freedom, it's a good thing she was fat :p

That will be the longest Rat Post. SHe was my first rat so she had the honor of having loads of photos. Another post will be posted tonight of Phineas and Ariel; my OTP rat pair (OTP:One True Pairing)

This was taken November 30th, just a few days before she died and the day before she had her mini stroke. You can see discharge on her nose, she had surgery for tumor removal just days before and was feeling off.
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