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have you ganked your survey today?

3 Favorite colors:
-emerald green
-royal purple
-comet blue

5 Favorite movies:
-all the Harry Potter movies in backwards order (meaning GOF is my favorite of the four)
-Apollo 13
-The Birds
-Lion King
-Day After Tomorrow

5 Favorite characters from anything:
-Harry from HP
-Gred and Forge from HP
-Neville from HP
-the lovebirds from The Birds
-Simba from The Lion King

3 Favorite quotes from anything (books, movies, etc...):
-"But the point is, you're still alive when they start to eat you" (Alan Grant from Jurassic Park)
-"I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper in death" (Severus Snape in Sorcerer's Stone)
-"He's not Fred, I am! Honestly woman you call yourself our mother!" (Gred and Forge in Sorcerer's Stone movie)

5 Obsessions:
-Harry Potter
-Harry Potter fanfiction
-my corkboard (I'm obsessed with it right now)
-calling Zoe "my wittle Ferret"

3 Favorite actors/actresses)
-Tom Hanks
-Daniel Radcliffe (he really is quite talented)
-Johnny Depp

5 Favorite songs:
- Do The Hippogriff (from Goblet of Fire)
-Let Me Go (3 Doors Down)
-Ring of Fire (Social Distortion's version)
-One (U2)
-Through Heaven's Eyes (from Prince of Egypt movie)

3 Favorite types of candy/chocolate:
- Kit Kats
-Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
-chocolate and rasberry truffles (especially See's *froths at mouth)

5 Favorite animals (fantasy or real):

And finally, if you could combine three of your most favorite things in the world together, what would they be? bed with Dan Radcliffe and chocolate covered strawberries..oh and rosey cheeks! haha (not really my favorite things but now I'm getting a mental image and I'm enjoying that very much!)
Tags: meme, quiz, survey
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