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ONly Kermit can pull of the "spaz look" and look cool

I can get used to Hot Topic; it's growing on me ;)
Anyway, went shopping at the mall with mum and it was sheer torture. Yes, we went shopping so I can get new pants but I loathe clothes shopping and when you throw my mom into the picture, well, let's just say that I feel like leaping off the Santa Monica Pier. Anyway, got some pants and also a pair of Easy Spirit shoes. They're kinda ugly but I'm picky with my sneakers. They give me arch support and that's all that really matters to me; good walking shoes. I also grabbed two 5 pound weights for my stretching (I lost 3 pounds!). Then we went to the food court; I went to Coffee Bean since I already had dinner and mom had some Panda Express. After that I went into Hot Topic to look for some buttons; and found some! I also got the Hogwarts t-shirt and a really nifty Harry Potter bag. It has the Dark Mark on the front with "Voldemort Returns" and on the inside part is says "Mosmodre". It comes with a cute little flashlight that shows the Dark Mark (mom noticed that). It also has a phone and Ipod pocket; I really like it. I filled out an application to work there and I actually might have a chance. Jobs discriminate against people my size and the girl that helped me was a little bit smaller then me; so I might have a shot.
So now I'm hear pondering which icon to use for this post. I'm going to catch the movie either tomorrow or Thursday (after class). I'll see it again in late December with my friend. Ah, speaking of December; mom and I are going to Disneyland on Christmas day or New Years Eve (and stay for the countdown). We haven't decided which day yet. The first night of Chanukah falls on Christmas. It's a Jewish tradition to have fun on Christmas so it'll either be Disneyland or having family friends over to play games (Times Up, Trivial Pursuit, Outburst!, etc).
Okay, I think that's it for now.
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