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It seems alot of LJ comments are going to my bulk\spam bin! I just realised this. So please excuse any late  replies as I'm going through them now.
Went to Best Buy to get a new washing machine, our 10 year old one died (young!). Also picked up HP1 and 2 soundtrack and a Beach Boys soundtrack. I wanted to get Apollo 13 for dvd but they didn't have it. I saw Three's Company season 5 and the new Ren and Stimpy but I didn't have the money for it. I left some hints to my brother to get me the 16 month HP GOF calender and the 365 calender or to get me a GOF poster. I said

"For the love that is holy, do not get me the Hermione poster!" I said it MUST have Harry in it. Mom said "get her the Mad-Eye Moody poster" to which I replied with "Brenden Gleeson is a great actor but he isn't pinup material" ;)
Last but not least, COFFEE BEAN!

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