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Here's a little song survey I made up just now. Feel free to fill it out and pass it  on.
Pick five songs that always choke you up for whatever reason. Explain why, if you can, the reason the songs effect you.
1. In The Ghetto by Elvis
It's just so depressing, a neverending cycle of pain and suffering.

2. Ben by Michael Jackson
It didn't make me cry before, now it does. It reminds me too much of my best little ratties; Hamlet for example.

3. Cats in the Cradle..forget the singer
It's just sad what a father can throw away.

4. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam
Firstly, Pearl Jam remade this song; it's an oldies song. It's about your love dying.

5. Circle of Life movie version from Lion King
This song always made me bawl, I have no idea why :P

Tags: memes, quizzes, survey
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